The Winter Pack

Learn about winter with our bumper resource pack. It includes a topic guide (in PDF, PowerPoint and video formats), writing challenges, maths tasks, handwriting sheets, display resources and much more!

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In this Teaching Pack…

  • One 15 Page Winter Guide – Explore different aspects of winter (including weather, plants, animals, festivals and staying safe) by sharing our PDF / PowerPoint guide with your children!
  • One Winter Video Guide – Learn about winter by watching our introduction video! A transcript of the video’s text is also available to download.
  • One Winter Video Review Sheet – What did your children learn by watching our winter video guide? Find out by asking them to record their ideas on this template.
  • One Winter Video Comprehension Task – A set of questions to review your children’s understanding of the winter video.
  • Three Winter KWL Sheets – What do your children already know about this topic? What do they want to learn? What have they learned at the end of the topic?
  • Ten Winter Writing Prompts – A collection of writing ideas and story starters with a winter theme!
  • One 16 Page Winter Image Pack – Posters to use as the starting point for discussions about winter, and for display on your classroom walls!
  • Twelve Pages of Winter Vocabulary Labels – A set of display labels with words linked to this topic.
  • Ten Winter Picture Word Banks – Look at the images, think of nouns / adjectives / verbs / adverbs to describe them and then make sentences and paragraphs to describe them!
  • Four Winter ‘I Spy’ Tasks – A simple counting activity for younger children to try in the winter!
  • Two Winter Hunt Checklists – How many of these objects and items will your children be able to spot during the winter months?
  • Four Pages of Winter A to Z Handwriting – Handwriting tasks (using precursive and cursive fonts) based on winter vocabulary.
  • Four Winter Addition Sheets – Can your children add the winter objects together and work out the correct totals?
  • Four Winter Subtraction Pages – A set of subtraction tasks linked to this topic.
  • Twenty-Eight Winter Colouring Pages – A large set of colouring pages showing winter scenes and objects.
  • Three Winter Vocabulary Puzzles – Can your children work out the missing letters on these puzzle pages?
  • One Winter Word Search – How many winter-themed words can your children find in this word search?
  • Five Winter Tracing Pages – A set of winter-themed images and words to trace.
  • Five Winter Cut and Stick Characters – Cut out the different parts and stick them together to make these winter characters!
  • Three Winter Mazes – Can your children find their way through these mazes?
  • Three Winter Spot the Differences – A selection of puzzles set in winter!
  • Three Winter Shadow Matching Sheets – Challenge your children to match the pictures to their shadows!
  • One Set of Winter Page Borders – A selection of printable page templates with a winter border.
  • One Set of Winter Bunting – Themed bunting to hang in your classroom throughout the winter season.
  • Two Display Banners – Banners to add to the display boards in your learning environment.

The Winter Pack


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The Winter Pack The Winter Pack The Winter Pack The Winter Pack
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The Winter Pack
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 1 reviews
 by Rowan
A full set!

And now we have all four seasons to show the children. Lovely!

The Winter Pack has all the usual stuff - puzzles, lovely images, display things, resources for infants and junior schools. And a beautiful video!

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