The Endangered Animals Pack

Help your children to find out about the world’s endangered animals with our enormous resource pack! It includes a full topic guide, vocabulary resources, reference mats, activity challenges, display materials and more!

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In this Teaching Pack…

  • One 39 Page Endangered Animals Guide – Learn about endangered animals around the world with our huge topic guide! It includes information about the different categories of conservation status, why animals have become endangered, how people are helping with conservation and facts about twelve different species of endangered animals.
  • One Endangered Animals Key Facts – A simpler version of the Endangered Animals Guide that is easier to read.
  • Two Quizzes – Review your children’s knowledge of this topic by using this quiz. It’s available as two printable quiz sheets or as an interactive PowerPoint presentation.
  • One Endangered Animals Glossary – A list of words and definitions linked to this topic.
  • Nine Pages of Vocabulary Labels – A set of vocabulary labels based on the words in our glossary. Use them on a classroom display or as the starting point for discussions with your children.
  • One Endangered Animals Vocabulary Mat – A printable mat that shows the definitions of words related to this topic.
  • One ‘Vocabulary Match’ Activity – Can your children match these topic words to their definitions?
  • One Endangered Animals Mat – A handy reference mat showing illustrations of animal species that are endangered.
  • Twenty-Eight Endangered Animals Posters – A set of posters showing images of, and information about endangered animals around the world. Use them as a reference resource or on your classroom display boards.
  • One Endangered Animals Matching Activity – Can your children match the photos, names and descriptions of these endangered animals?
  • One HUGE Endangered Animals Image Pack – Thirty posters showing photos of endangered animals. These are also available as smaller cards that you can use as part of group / independent activities.
  • One Orangutan Rescue Game – Can your children answer the questions about endangered animals on their way to rescue the orangutan?
  • One Set of Endangered Animals Statistics – Sets of data about twenty different endangered animals. Use them as part of your Maths / Computing activities! Available with metric and imperial measurements
  • Three Endangered Animal Statistics Challenges – Can your children use the data shown on the graphs to answer the questions provided
  • Two Ranger Postcard Templates – Ask your children to imagine that they are rangers looking after animals in the Congo rainforest or the African Savannah. Can they write (and draw) a postcard home to their families
  • Fifteen Endangered Animals Colouring Pages – A collection of colouring pages, at a variety of complexity levels, that your children can colour as part of their topic
  • One Endangered Animals Crossword – Solve the clues and write the topic-themed words in this crossword
  • One Endangered Animals Word Search – Can your children find the names of different endangered animals in this word search
  • Eight Endangered Animals Paper Templates – A set of templates that can be used for a wide range of writing and drawing tasks about endangered animals
  • Thirteen Endangered Animals Banners – A collection of banners to add to your display boards when your children are learning about endangered animals
  • One Set of Endangered Animals Bunting – A set of printable bunting that spells out the title ‘Endangered Animals’.

The Endangered Animals Teaching Pack


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The Endangered Animals Pack
Average rating:  
 2 reviews
 by sally james
Great resources. A mistake tho

See the graphing resources. A mistake on the graphing of the data. On answers you have the number starting at 2500. On the worksheet it starts at 1. This confused my students.


Hi Sally. Thank you for letting us know about this. I have just updated the pack with a new copy of the graph resource. Sorry for the confusion.

 by Rowan
Great stuff!

What an excellent set of resources! Great to see mathematics in there with some data handling questions, and a board game to let the children relax and shake up their memories. Excellent resources for writing tasks; and, of course, top-quality visual and written information.
I taught this topic for Earth Day a while ago, and this is EXACTLY what I would have wanted! I look forward to the next time my class encounter this issue on the curriculum.

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