The Odd and Even Numbers Pack

Learn about odd and even numbers with our pack of downloadable topic guides, activity sheets, games and display resources!

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In this Teaching Pack…

  • One 6 Page Odd and Even Numbers Guide – Learn about odd and even numbers by sharing this topic guide with your children.
  • Three Odd and Even Number Squares – Colour the number squares to show the odd and even numbers.
  • Four ‘Odd or Even?’ Pages – Challenge your children to identify whether each number is odd or even.
  • Three ‘Sort the Numbers’ Tasks – Can your children sort these number cards into different groups?
  • Four ‘Odd or Even Calculations’ Sheets – Are the answers to these calculations odd or even numbers?
  • Four Odd and Even Mazes – Find your way through the mazes by finding the odd or even numbers.
  • One ‘Washing Line’ Game – Who will be the first to colour the socks on the washing line?
  • Three Catch the Crook Games – Which player will be the first to catch the crook? Solve the calculations and work out if the answers are odd or even.
  • Three Banners – A selection of display banners to use when your children are learning about odd and even numbers.
  • One Set of Odd and Even Bunting – Eye-catching bunting that shows odd and even numbers up to 36.

The Odd and Even Numbers Pack


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The Odd and Even Numbers Pack
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 1 reviews
 by Rowan

Fantastic! I love the purple and green sock theme - a great ways to explain odds and evens. Very nice games. Thank you for including the Catch the Crooks games - they look lovely, and I'm really looking forward to getting my class to play them!

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