The Castles Pack

Help your children to learn about castles with our fantastic teaching, activity and display pack! It includes information about castles throughout history, castles around the world, the features of different kinds of castles, dragons and much more!

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In this Teaching Pack…

  • One 10 Page Castles Guide – A PDF and Powerpoint topic guide that includes information about castles. It explains how castles have changed throughout history, describes the different types of castles, and explores defensive features, dragons and more!
  • One Castles Key Facts Presentation – A simple presentation that outlines key facts about castles. Available in PDF and Powerpoint formats.
  • One Castles Glossary – An editable document that shows words linked to this topic with their matching definitions. A handy reference resource for your children!
  • Eleven Pages of Castles Vocabulary Labels – A set of vocabulary labels that can be used during class and group discussions. Add them to your classroom display boards too!
  • Twenty-Five ‘Castles around the World’ Posters – A set of posters that show different castles around the world. Use these for shared reading, comparison, reference and display. They could also be used as the starting point for further research about each castle. These are also available in a smaller card format.
  • Two ‘Label the Castles’ Challenges – Can your children correctly identify the features of the castles on these two labelling activities?
  • Fifteen Castles Story Starters – A collection of story starters and writing prompts with a castles theme!
  • Twelve Castles Design Challenges – A set of different design challenges based around castles. How many of these can your children complete?
  • Eight ‘Complete the Picture’ Activities – Can your children complete these pictures? An additional set is available with space for writing about the completed pictures.
  • Five Castles Colouring Pages – A set of five castle-themed colouring pages (at different levels of complexity).
  • One Set of Castles Bunting – Hanging bunting to decorate your classroom during your ‘Castles’ topic!
  • One Castles Banner – A banner to use on your display boards when your children are learning about castles.

 The Castles Pack


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The Castles Pack
Average rating:  
 3 reviews
 by Amanda Curtin
Great set of resources

I always love the Teaching Packs subject overviews, but I thought this one was particularly good, covering Castles to a good breadth and depth. I also really liked the castle-labelling resource. I'm a home educator, so I don't have any use for the banners and bunting.

 by Colette Johnston
Useful resources

Nice selection of resources, including a useful glossary. The powerpoint is really attractive for the pupils and is a great way to introduce the topic. I would like to see some differentiation activities for EAL pupils as there is rather an extensive vocabulary involved in the topic.

 by Perrin

A very fresh and exciting look at castles! Any teacher who wishes to explore this topic will find a wonderful range of beautifully crafted resources for an inventively wide range of topics. Beautiful illustrations, fascinating facts, and fun activities. Great work!

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