The Oceans Pack

Explore the oceans around the world with our pack of resources! It includes a guide to the topic (in PDF and Powerpoint formats), information about ocean animals, a range of exciting classroom activities and display materials too!

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In this Teaching Pack…

  • One 10 Page Oceans Guide – A PDF and Powerpoint topic guide that includes information about oceans. It also covers the water cycle, waves, tides, tsunamis, ocean trenches, plankton, plants, animals and the environment.
  • One Oceans Key Facts Guide – A simpler version of the Oceans Guide for younger children and / or lower ability readers.
  • One Oceans Glossary – A list of terms linked to oceans with their definitions. This is available as a PDF and as an editable Word document.
  • Nine Pages of Oceans Vocabulary Labels – A collection of printable labels that show words linked to this topic, with their definitions and a related image. Use this during discussions about oceans or add them to a classroom display board.
  • One 28 Page Oceans Image Pack – A set of high quality photos, illustrations and diagrams that show different aspects of oceans around the world. Use them as the starting point for classroom discussions or on your displays!
  • One Oceans of the World Activity – Can your children add labels to this map to show the names of the oceans? An answer sheet is also included, which can be used as a display / reference poster.
  • Twenty Ocean Animals Posters – A set of posters that give information about different animals that live in and around the oceans. These are also available in a smaller card format.
  • One Set of Ocean Animal Matching Cards – Can your children match the pictures, names and descriptions of different creatures that live in and around the ocean?
  • One Ocean Explorers Game – Challenge your children to dive to the bottom of the ocean, answering questions along the way!
  • One Oceans Statistics Challenge – Ask your students to answer the questions about the oceans using the numbers provided!
  • One Set of Under the Sea Bunting – A set of sea-themed bunting to hang in your classroom.
  • One Oceans Banner – A printable banner to add to your classroom display boards when your children are learning about oceans.

The Oceans Pack


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The Oceans Pack
Average rating:  
 7 reviews
 by Nikki Jones
Oceans pack

I used this pack today with my home ed daughter and it was fantastic. It covered the topic of Oceans with enough detail to get a good understanding but also lent itself to further research.

 by Lizzie

I've just joined this site and I'm using this pack with my 9 year old son who is home educated. I like the fact that everything I need is in one place. In addition, the Ocean Topic Guide has provided extra links, resources and ideas for us to expand the topic. Its exactly what I've been looking for!

 by Nicola
Oceans and rivers mini packs

Fantastic resource for y4 Abyss topic, knowledge organisers and quizzes are invaluable

 by Lyn McDonnell

I have a new year 3 class next year (I am usually in ks1) and our topic is The Blue Planet - the banners and display items will be very useful. I am sure it will provide a stimulus to start learning in lots of areas. A great help, thanks

 by caroline allen
Ocean pack

Really useful, clear and packed with information. Love this resource and cannot wait to use it for our topic. The children will enjoy using the resources...something for everyone. Well done Teaching Packs for another fabulous resource to help with resourcing, time management and emotional wellbeing of a weary teacher. AM a massive fan of your resources.

 by Perrin

I was going to give this one four stars because, you know, you should save five stars for the very best. But this pack is so delightful! The pictures are so neat and beautiful and well-made, and the facts so interesting and well-presented!
It may only be a Mini Pack, but it does have everything you need, and more. I'm especially pleased to see a number of features - some notes on the environment, which are an important cross-curricular point; a board game, which is a good addition; and the Ocean Lists is a lovely overview activity.
This Mini Pack meshes nicely with the rest, combining with the Rivers Pack, the Water Cycle Pack, the Explorers Pack and the Pirates Pack.
Great work, Mark and Helen!

 by Avril Ormisher

Thank you, this goes perfectly with the Pirates pack as a cross curricular resource. We teach a small SEN unit in a secondary school and create cross curricular topics. A Pirates topic enables us to research famous pirates, study different countries and trade routes, research flags and languages. We will use coordinates and money resource for Maths, creating treasure maps and this will assist with the Geography, seas and oceans plus marine life. Very useful, greatly appreciated.

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