The Telling the Time Pack

Tick and Tock are here to help your children tell the time... and understand lots of other time-related concepts. With a huge collection of fantastic teaching, activity and display resources, this pack will help your class to learn about time and save you time too!

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In this Teaching Pack...

  • One 27 Page PDF guide to Telling the Time - Our characters (Tick, Tock and Digital Dave) appear in this 27 page guide to telling the time. This PDF booklet can be displayed on a large display and used as a whole class teaching tool, printed for use on a classroom display or used by the children for independent reference and research. It covers lots of different concepts related to time, including clocks (analogue and digital), time vocabulary, past / present / future, time zones and timetables. Alternative versions are also available using the spelling 'analog'.
  • One Set of 'Today is...' Display Resources - Create your own display telling children the day of the week, the date, month and season with our set of resources.
  • One 'Which Hand is Which?' Poster - A handy poster to help your children remember which hand is the minute hand and which one is the hour hand.
  • One 'Past and To' Poster - Help your children to remember the times that are 'past' the hour and 'to' the hour with this printable poster.
  • Four Pages of Printable Analogue Clock Templates - Lots of clock templates (at different sizes) for use in a wide range of classroom activities. You could also laminate them so they can be used again and again!
  • Forty-Six Pages of Time Activity Cards - A set of cards showing different times in analogue / digital and word formats. Challenge your children to sort or order them... or use them for a 'matching pairs' game. A collection of activity photo cards is also provided... can your children match one of the activities to the time that the activity might take place in the day?
  • Fourteen Printable Watch Templates - Printable analogue and digital watch templates, in a variety of styles. Also includes a blank style, so your children can decorate their own!
  • Four Pages of TV Guide Problems - A TV guide, with related word problems (using 12 hour and 24 hour time). Includes answers for teachers or for self-checking.
  • Four Pages of Train Timetable Problems - Sets of word problems, using 12 hour and 24 hour time, based on a train timetable. Includes answers for teachers or for self-checking.
  • One 'Matching Times' Resource - Can your students match the times on these cards? A handy resource to help children review conversion of hours and minutes.
  • Twenty Pages of Vocabulary Labels - A huge collection of vocabulary labels to show on your classroom displays or as part of discussion activities. Can your children explain what each word means?
  • Sixty-Nine Pages of Activity Sheets - Ask your children to read the times on the analogue clocks, convert them into digital format (and back) and calculate time intervals with this printable set of activity sheets (all of which include answers for teachers or for self-checking).
  • Five Display Banners - Eye-catching banners to decorate your time displays.
  • Eight Cover Pages - A collection of printable cover pages (in A4 / A5 sizes and colour / black and white) that can be used on your own teaching resources folder... or children could use them as a title page for their 'Time' topic.

Preview the Resources...

Click on the thumbnails below to view samples of resources from The Telling the Time Pack.

The Telling the Time Pack The Telling the Time Pack The Telling the Time Pack The Telling the Time Pack

The Telling the Time Pack The Telling the Time Pack The Telling the Time Pack The Telling the Time Pack

The Telling the Time Pack The Telling the Time Pack The Telling the TimePack The Telling the Time Pack

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 40 reviews
Time to learn!

I have been using this pack with my students for a few months now and I can honestly say it is fantastic. There are plenty of sheets for children to use and enough variety to cover concepts again if needed, but without children repeating the same work. Each idea in teaching time is covered well and children can 'take their time' working through it until the grasp the idea! This pack is a great help. Thank you!

The Time Pack

I have used the time pack very successfully with a variety of year groups. The posters, cards and information in the pack are all very easy to use as they are bright, easy to read, a quality learning tool. I printed off and laminated all the cards and posters.Once my unit was completed the laminated cards were left out in my maths area of the classroom for the children to use when they had a spare moment.They are fabulous and I wouldn't be without them.......I love all the hands on....children love being able to use and hold the cards,posters.....much better than sheets or online activities. Thank you Teaching Packs!

by vonnie3440 on The Telling the Time Pack
Excellent bright resources

These resources are so good to use. The children really love them as they are so bright and clear. The detail in them is exceptional. The packs contain everything you need to teach time to a group of children. The posters and displays look brilliant and enable the children to access the resources from the working wall. I love these ....

by Marie Liston on The Telling the Time Pack
great pack

I used this pack for my SEN children and they loved it easy to use would definitely recommend

Time and SEN

Great resource that I have used with students with special needs. resources are very colourful and clear. We have used the activities to play a pairs game and used it for looking at what time of the day does this happen. The train timetables have been great for learners to work out time which helps them transfer this to real life situations. Some of it too tricky for my learners - what time is it in 8 minutes time but easy to adapt and use the idea.

Maths time resources

This is a great resource. It includes real world problem solving activities. Resources are suitable across key stage 1 and 2. There are a lot of good resources for display and providing children with reminders. Mark was kind enough to adapt one of the resources for me to use.Thanks very much!

Telling the time

Teaching children how to tell time has a reputation for being a challenging endeavour. While not the easiest lesson to impart, it can also be endlessly rewarding, as time-telling skills can significantly increase a child's cognitive abilities. Thankfully, using your pack, which was fun, colourful and resourceful made guiding my youngest child towards time-telling mastery. It has made it alot easier by simply appealing to his innate creativity and interests. By incorporating this superb teaching pack aswell as my own resources which I taught my other three with, telling the time concepts were quickly grasped and understood. Learning about time can be easy and fun especially with excellent resources such as these to which I am very grateful to use.

by Jennifer Thompson on The Telling the Time Pack
Telling the Time

Excellent resource to use in my P6 classroom...great printable reminders on the basics of time both analogue and digital. Saved me a great deal of time creating my own. Thanks

Telling The Time Pack

A comprehensive set of resources for telling the time, right the way through KS2! These resources have saved me hours of planning time and some of the worksheets provide really simple but effective pre and post learning exercises. Thank you Teaching Packs (and Mark, who has been very helpful in the 'chat')

Telling the Time

A comprehensive resource, that is clearly designed. Great variety of resources that are ready to utilize. Thank You for your hard work.

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