The Noggle Display Pack

Use this printable pack of ‘Noggle’ display resources to make a fun daily Maths challenge for your children! Just choose a set of numbers from the collection provided and ask your students to use those to make other numbers. Can they make your chosen target number?

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In this Teaching Pack…

  • Four Noggle Title Pages – A set of titles and instructions to add to your Noggle board. Two versions of the activity are available:
    • You choose a selection of numbers, and the children have to use those to make as many other numbers as they can.
    • You choose a set of numbers and provide a target number. Can your children use the numbers to make the target number? Can they find multiple ways to make the target?
  • Two Hundred Noggle Numbers – A set of number cards (from 1 to 100) to use on your Noggle board! Negative number cards are also available for older learners.
  • Six Noggle Activity Sheets – A collection of printable sheets that your children can use to record their solutions to the Noggle challenges!
  • Ten Noggle Number Characters – Friendly number posters to decorate your learning environment!
  • Two Noggle Banners – Two banners to add to the Noggle display board.

The preview image below shows what your display board could look like using these resources…

The Noggle Display Pack


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The Noggle Display Pack
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