The Explorers Pack

Learn about explorers from different periods in history with our exciting resource pack! It includes a bumper Powerpoint presentation and plenty of reference, activity and display resources to use with your children!

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In this Teaching Pack…

  • One 46 Page Guide to Explorers – A Powerpoint / PDF guide that gives information about explorers and biographies of famous explorers from different places and periods in history.
  • Fifteen Explorer Biographies – Printable biographies of many different explorers. Use them as independent reference resources or challenge your children to write their own comprehension questions based on them!
  • Thirty Explorers Posters – A set of posters showing explorers from different periods in history. Use them as the starting point for discussions about this topic, as a classroom display resource or for sorting / ordering activities!
  • Two ‘Match the Explorers’ Activities – Can your children match the names of the explorers to the descriptions of their achievements? Available at two different levels of difficulty.
  • One Treasure Trail Game – Can your children explore the trail to find the treasure and answer the questions about famous explorers along the way?
  • Twelve Explorers Story Starters – High quality images with related prompts, covering a variety of writing genres.
  • One ‘Draw an Explorer’ Template – What do your children think an explorer looks like? Ask them to draw their ideas on this template!
  • Eleven ‘An Explorer’s Backpack’ Resources – What would your children pack on a mission to explore these different locations? Available at two different levels of difficulty. A blank version is also available so that you can set your own ‘exploration missions’!
  • Twelve Explorers Questions – A set of questions that can be added to your display boards or as the starting point for classroom discussions or further research.
  • One Explorers Crossword – Can your children solve the clues to identify the different objects that an explorer might use?
  • One Explorers Wordsearch – Can your children find the names of fifteen different explorers in this wordsearch?
  • Sixteen Explorers Banners – A collection of display banners to add to the boards in your classroom.
  • One Set of Explorers Bunting – Explorers themed bunting to hang in your learning areas!

Watch the video below to view samples of resources from the Explorers Pack.


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The Explorers Pack
Average rating:  
 7 reviews
 by Carolyn
Better late than never

So, I saw the email notifying me of this pack....the day that I finished the lesson (I could slap myself for not checking.....ugh). Thank you Teaching Packs! Awesome as always....and YES I will be using the information supplied even though I am starting a new topic! No way I'm passing this up.

Sorry that you missed this one Carolyn. It's been available for a while now, but we hope that the resources will be useful to you in the future.

 by Gill

I have just found the Explorers Pack and I am so annoyed with myself for not having 'explored' your lovely resources more carefully earlier. This is a fantastic pack; it really does have everything needed to plan a scheme of work and also allow pupils to follow up the information independently. I particularly like that you have included explorers not usually covered or studied - and there were two I had never heard of. I think the coverage is excellent and opens up the topic of Exploration to have a world-wide understanding, rather than just a European one. Thank you so much.

 by Helen Turner
Exploring explorers

I'm exploring possible resources for an upcoming unit when I discovered this explorer pack. I love the board game and writing story prompts and can see my class enjoying these activities.

The list of explorers needs to include a few more that we cover in our Australian Curriculum for the resources to be 'on point'. Having said that I will use the extra explorers as a differentiated activity for more able students.

Thank you for making a fun yet informative explorer unit.

 by Lisa

This pack covered so many inersting aspects of our lessons, and the kids were really engaged not only in the topic but also the activities. Well done!

 by Rowan4C
Good pack!

Thank you very much! We're just starting our Explorers Topic, and so the timing is most welcome.
Here's my review of the pack, on first glance (I haven't yet used the resources, but I have taught Explorers before).
First, the things I like:
* It's got lots of solid information about a range of explorers, and is well-illustrated.
* The various display resources are very useful.
* I really like the board game! This will be a fun and useful resource. And I think the format - ask a question, and two answers to choose from - is a clever idea.
* I like the Backpack sheets. A good activity! I also like the Story Starters and the crosswords.
* I like the alphabeticisation of the resources. That's very useful!
There are a few things I could think of to improve on. Hope you don't mind.
* I think mapping resources would be good. Showing the journeys taken, planning your own journeys - and also historical maps, so we can see how conceptions of the world changed.
* The posters seem a little plain. Just a blank parchment with a word stamped across it. Sorry, just a thought...
* The "Draw an explorer" activity is just a blank piece of paper, when all's said and done!
However, even with those points, it's still a fine pack and will help a lot. Many thanks! Four stars.

Thanks for all the great feedback Rowan (and for your ideas for future updates). We thought the 'Draw an Explorer' activity could be used as an introduction to the topic, as a way of finding out what children already know. We therefore left it simple and open-ended. It could be used again at the end of the topic to review how children's ideas have changed as a result of their learning. Hope that makes sense!

 by Lucy B
Amazing for Year 2!

Love this resource, it has supported the introduction of our topic on Explorers wonderfully. The children are all engaged and eager to learn more. I plan on using the explorer's backpack and the explorer's passport next week!

 by Pauline McDougall
Explorer Pack

Have used the resources in the Explorer Pack for a library display. Planning to use the Treasure Trail game with pupils at lunchtime. Thank you for such a great resource to kick off the year.

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