The World War 1 Pack

Learn about the events of World War 1 with our enormous teaching, activity and display pack. It includes a child-friendly eBook (that’s perfect for research and reference), vocabulary challenges, printable posters, banners, bunting and more!

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In this Teaching Pack…

  • One 81 Page World War 1 eBook – A fantastic child-friendly book covering all aspects of World War 1. Use the pages as a whole class teaching tool, as an independent reference resource or for posters to add to your classroom display boards!
  • One World War 1 Timeline – A printable timeline that your children can use for reference or as a sorting activity. You can also use it as part of your World War 1 displays.
  • One World War 1 Quiz – A quiz to test your knowledge of World War 1, available as differentiated question sheets and an interactive PowerPoint presentation.
  • Three Sets of Anzac Day Comprehension Texts – Differentiated texts that your children can use to learn about Anzac Day. Sets of related comprehension questions (with answers) are also available.
  • One Set of Follow Me Cards – Can your children answer all 32 questions about World War 1 in this set of cards?
  • One Set of ‘True or False? Cards – A set of twenty facts about World War One. Can your children work out which ones are true and which ones are false?
  • One Set of World War 1 Story Starters – A collection of images that children can use as the starting point for different types of writing about life during World War 1.
  • One 48 Page World War 1 Image Pack – A huge pack of photos and illustrations showing different aspects of World War 1. Use them on your display boards or as the starting point for discussions about the topic.
  • One World War 1 Vocabulary Challenge – Can your children write definitions for these terms?
  • One World War 1 Crossword – Can your children solve the vocabulary clues to complete this crossword?
  • One World War 1 Wordsearch – A wordsearch to test your children’s word finding skills!
  • Five World War 1 Banners – A set of printable banners to use on the display boards in your classroom.
  • Four Poppy Posters – Posters that can be used to decorate a classroom display board.
  • Three Poppy Colouring Pages – Colouring pages that show poppies that can be used as part of your Remembrance / Anzac activities.
  • One Set of Poppy Bunting – A set of bunting to hang in your classroom at times of remembrance.

Watch the video below to view samples of resources from the World War 1 Pack.


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The World War 1 Pack
Average rating:  
 10 reviews
 by Laura Waudby
World War 1 pack

Excellent pack, really informative, manages perfectly to keep a child interested along with great illustrations/photos. Love the way it is broken down into manageable chapters. We are now moving on to the WW2 pack which looks equally as great. LOVE Teaching Packs!

 by Hege

This resourse was amazing to use with my students. They are colorful, have great images that reflect the text and good questions to make the students think and reflect, and rhereby also learn better.

 by LisaT
Excellent resource

Thank you for another fabulous resource, Teaching Packs! This WW1 resource was a great kickstarter - so many of the resources are multi-purpose. So great for a sorting activity and then a postbox activity to follow. The differentiated reading was so helpful. Thank you for the banners and bunting.. so helpful, colourful, perfect!

 by Gilly
World War 1

Perfect resource for students in a country where Remembrance Day isn't as high profile. Europe is a million miles away and this pack helped bring it a little closer. Something for everyone.

 by Marianne Garety

Another very colourful and eclectic pack which is suitable for use across the curriculum and with a variety of ages and abilities. The visible timeline helps bring the sequence of events alive for pupils and the colour and language on the information sheets is presented in an interesting way. The young generation of today are among the first to not have a relative who fought in a world war and this type of pack is a great way to keep history alive. The variety of activities provides interest for all. Thankyou.

 by Nique
loved it

I used the follow me cards and the true false cards with my adult Dutch students today to talk about Remembrance day. They loved it!
Thank you for making such great material. Ready to use and it never disappointing 🙂

 by daria
extensive resource

I have used this pack with my 10 year old son to extend the subject of War World 1 after our visit to RAF Museum. The pack is a great resource with lots of interesting prompts for a child to sparkle his/ her interest. We have been using packs to top up our home ed journey and I must admit they are getting better and better every time.

 by Mrs J K Meads
World War 1

These resources have been invaluable for our year 6 children. We have decided to use many of these resources and invite the elderly in our community to a special morning to commemorate World War 1 and link it with a Remembrance Day theme. This will include readings, some drama and songs based on that era. Thank you for including such informative and varied resources!

Thanks for your wonderful review Mrs Meads! We hope that your morning event goes well.

 by Katrina Benton

My girls were desperate to learn about WW1, this pack is so informative and helpful. They cant wait to get started on this.... SO much so that we even started on it today!! 🙂

 by rowan3d
Rich, and beautifully made

World War I isn't on the curriculum for my class exactly, but I generally teach a lesson on it each year for our Armistice Day ceremony. And this year, I am seriously considering extending that, perhaps with some homework tasks as well, because this pack is, well, packed with wonderful stuff. The visuals are extremely good, even better than usual, and the vocabulary and the information articles are extremely well written. A great resource!

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