The Mass and Weight Pack

Teach your children about mass and weight with our comprehensive resource pack. It includes a topic guide, eye-catching display materials and a wide range of differentiated activities and challenges for your students to explore.

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In this Teaching Pack…

  • One 15 Page Mass and Weight Guide – Teach your children about different aspects of mass and weight with this comprehensive topic guide. It covers relevant vocabulary, reading scales, units of measurement, converting units, problem solving and more.
  • Three ‘Units of Mass’ Posters – Handy reference posters that show different units of mass and how to compare them.
  • Twenty-Four Objects Cards and Posters – A collection of cards and posters that show different items. Can your children estimate each item’s mass?
  • Twenty-Four ‘Mass of Objects’ Posters – Posters that show the approximate mass of 24 different items. Available in metric and imperial measurements.
  • Twenty-Four ‘Mass of Objects’ Cards – A collection of cards that show the mass of different items. Use them for sorting, ordering and conversion activities!
  • Forty-Eight Mass Discussion Cards – A collection of photos that show different animals, people, places and objects. Use them as the starting point for discussions about their mass, how to measure them and how to sort / group / compare their masses.
  • Two ‘Estimate the Mass’ Challenges – Can your children estimate the mass of each item on these activity sheets? Available at two levels of difficulty.
  • One Measuring Mass Resource – A template that children can use to estimate and measure the masses of different objects. Can they answer the questions about their results too

The Mass and Weight Pack

  • Six ‘Reading Linear Scales’ Activity Sheets – A collection of linear scales (at different levels of complexity) to test your children’s measurement skills.
  • Four ‘Reading Dial Scales’ Activity Sheets – Can your children read the correct measurements on these dial scales? Available at two levels of difficulty in kilograms and pounds.
  • Two Sets of Mass Matching Cards – Cut out these cards and ask your children to match the matching measurements together again. Available at two different levels of difficulty, using metric and imperial units.
  • Two Sets of Mass Follow Me Cards – A set of 32 questions about mass (available in metric and imperial versions). Cut them out and share them amongst the children in your class. Ask one child to read out a question and find out who has the matching answer. Continue like this until you have answered all of the questions together!
  • One ‘Fred’s Fresh Fruit’ Challenge – Can your children use the information in the graph to solve these mass problems?
  • One Lifting Challenge Game – Test your children’s knowledge of mass and weight with this printable Maths game. It includes a game board with instructions and accompanying sets of questions about the topic (with metric and imperial units).
  • Four Shopalot Mass Challenges – Can your children work out the answers to these differentiated calculations based on the masses of items in an online shop? Available with metric and imperial units in pounds, dollars and euros.
  • Forty Mass Challenge Cards – A set of different cards that show a variety of mass-related challenges and questions. They include estimation, reading scales, calculations, conversion, problems and more.
  • Three Display Banners – A collection of banners to use on the Maths display boards in your classroom.
  • Two Sets of Bunting – Hang this bunting in your classroom when your children are learning about mass and weight!

All resources in this pack are available with metric and imperial units.

Watch the video below to view samples of resources from the Mass and Weight Pack.


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The Mass and Weight Pack
Average rating:  
 2 reviews
 by Karen
Great resource!

A great variety of activities suitable for a good range of year groups. Especially like the estimating activities as is SO difficult to convince children that a near(ish!) guess is good enough. The children I work with request the lifting challenge game repeatedly. Another triumph - highly recommend!
Any other games you can come up with would be very welcome.

 by Perrin
Creative and comprehensive!

What a pleasant surprise, to find this pack published! A Mass and Weight Pack is very welcome, as it has always seemed to me that this area is somewhat neglected, with resources difficult to come by. But this Teaching Pack fills the gap, and how! It has a very impressive variety of activities, display resources and explanations - both for metric and imperial - with lovely art work, fun activities, a board game, a guide...absolutely everything you need!

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