The Saint George Pack

Learn about Saint George, and his battle with the dragon, using our huge teaching resource pack! It includes a PDF / PowerPoint guide, a video guide, activity resources, display materials and much more.

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In this Teaching Pack…

  • One 8 Page Saint George Guide – Learn about the life of Saint George with our PDF / PowerPoint topic guide!
  • One Saint George Video Guide – Find out all about Saint George by watching our handy video guide!
  • Three Saint George KWL Sheets – Simple sheets that children can use to record (1) what they know about Saint George, (2) what they want to find out and (3) what they have learned during their lessons.
  • Two Saint George Video Review Sheets – A handy template that children can use to make notes while watching the Saint George Video Guide.
  • Three Sets of George and the Dragon Comprehension Questions – Differentiated versions of the story of ‘George and the Dragon’ with accompanying comprehension questions.
  • Two Saint George Cloze Procedures – Differentiated texts about Saint George with missing words. Can your children fit the correct words in the spaces?
  • One 12 Page Saint George Image Pack – A large number of posters showing photos and illustrations based on the topic.
  • Eight Saint George Writing Prompts – A selection of writing ideas and story starters based on this topic.
  • Four George and the Dragon Comic Strips – A comic strip version of ‘George and the Dragon’ for your children to colour. Blank versions are also included so that your children can add their own images or text.
  • One England Flag Template – An outline version of Saint George’s Cross that your children can use for colouring and other art activities.
  • One England Map Labelling Activity – Can your children label the different places and features on this map of England?
  • One ‘Label the Armour’ Task – A diagram of a knight for your children to label.
  • Four ‘Knight Designs’ Activity Sheets – Can your children design a shield, a banderole, a crest and a helmet?
  • One Set of George and the Dragon Finger Puppets – Make your own finger puppets to retell the story of George and the Dragon!
  • One ‘Defeat the Dragon’ Game – Who will be the first to reach the dragon in this game?
  • Three ‘A Letter from the King’ Templates – Can your children write a letter to George, asking him to help rid the village of the evil dragon?
  • Nine George, Dragon and Princess Diary Writing Templates – Can your children write diary entries from the point of view of Saint George, the dragon or a princess?
  • Four ‘Character Adjectives’ Sheets – Ask your children to think of adjectives to describe a knight, a princess, a king and a dragon!
  • Eight Saint George Picture Word Banks – Can your children look at the images and then think of nouns, adjectives, verbs and adverbs to describe them? There is also a space to use the collected vocabulary to write a sentence or a paragraph.
  • One Set of Saint George Anagrams – Challenge your students to unscramble the jumbled letters to find words based on this topic!
  • One Saint George Wordsearch – Challenge your children to find vocabulary linked to the topic in this word search.
  • Fifteen Saint George Colouring Pages – A large collection of colouring pages (at different levels of complexity) based on knights, princesses and dragons.
  • Six Pages of Saint George Vocabulary Labels – A collection of printable labels to add to your display boards.
  • Three Display Banners – A set of eye-catching banners to add to the display areas in your learning environment.

The Saint George Pack


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The Saint George Pack
Average rating:  
 2 reviews
 by Karen Harper
St George's day

This is amazing and much welcomed as I am going to use it for Scouts.
We have been meeting on Zoom for 12 months and it is getting hard to keep Interest. Tomorrow night we are talking about our District Virtual camp at weekend to celebrate St George's day.
Video is fab and think Scouts will enjoy having fun with anagrams.

 by Rowan Kohll
A full pack now!

Wow! Now, with the addition of the Saint George Pack, Teaching Packs has all four patron saints. That's a really great thing for British teachers, including ones like me who teach abroad.
Saint George is not one of the most celebrated saints, but this Pack really makes him relevant. It ties together lots of interesting and useful topics - Roman history, myths and legends, geography, culture - and does it with a load of delightful and interesting activities. The video is really well made, the board game and story are fun for younger children, and the Guide is well-made for older students. There are also comprehension, story-writing and word puzzle activities for literacy, and finger puppets for younger learners who want to act out the story. A really strong addition to TP!

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