The Maths Challenges Pack

Test your children’s skills with our range of differentiated Maths challenges! This resource pack includes PowerPoint quizzes, printable activity sheets, interactive Excel documents and more!

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In this Teaching Pack…

  • Three ‘Winning Wheels’ Activities – A collection of Powerpoint challenges with differentiated Maths questions. Can your children choose the correct answers on the winning wheel? A blank template is also included so you can set your own questions.
  • Twelve ‘Conditional Colouring’ Activities – Can your children answer the addition, subtraction and multiplication questions on these Excel spreadsheets? When they enter the correct answers, a picture will magically appear!
  • Twenty-Four ‘Spot the Mistakes’ Tasks – Can your children find and correct the Maths mistakes in these images?
  • Twelve Maths Story Challenges – A collection of stories to read, with related Maths questions to answer. These are available at three different levels of difficulty.
  • Sixty ‘Who is Correct?’ Sheets – Two children are making a mathematical statement but only one of them is correct? Can your children work out who is right, and explain why? Five blank templates are also available so that you can write your own statements.
  • Five ‘Cogitate’ Sheets – These activities encourage your children to think carefully about different numbers and challenge them to use a starting number (which you can choose) as part of different calculations and tasks.
  • Ten Logic Problems – A set of logic puzzles to test your children’s problem-solving skills!
  • Five ‘Magic Maths’ Resources – Can your children complete the genie’s Magic Maths challenges? These are available at four different levels of difficulty and we have also included the answers for teachers and self-checking.
  • Four ‘Magic Number’ Activities – Pick a number and challenge your children to use it in the calculations shown in the grid underneath. Four different versions of this resource are available (at a variety of difficulty levels) and you can easily change the number to match the ability level(s) of your children.
  • Four Number Bond Mazes – Can your children find the pairs of numbers that add up to 10, 20, 100 and 1000 in these mazes?
  • Three Number Hunts – These Maths challenges require children to find groups of numbers that add up to 10, 20 or 100 within a grid. The numbers may be written in groups of 2 or 3, and we have included answers so that you can check them all.

The Maths Challenges Pack


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The Maths Challenges Pack
Average rating:  
 3 reviews
 by Victoria

I have used this pack with the children that I work with. I work with a wide variety of ages and abilities and there is a game for everyone! The children love playing the games and we like to get little competitions going! These games help me too as the take some of the planning pressure off - which is a huge bonus! It's great that all of the games are in one place and can be easily accessed. Thank you!

 by Trish McLellan
Maths Pack

Loving the word problems, my class are good when they see the number written in a sum but struggle with word problems. The rest of the pack is brilliant, I can print these off and leave them as a good educational activity.
Thank you much needed resource.

 by Rowan

This is something I've really felt the need for for a long time, and the new pack doesn't disappoint! Really nice to see some old favourites, like the Magic Numbers Wizard, all gathered in one place; and the Maths Stories, which we saw a version of in the Christmas Maths Pack, now written for all year round, and differentiated levels. Fantastic!
But most of the Pack is new and original, and will surely be very popular and useful. The magic fill-in-the-gaps Excel games, and the powerpoint Spinning Wheel Puzzles - and I especially like the "Spot the Mistakes and Explain Them" posters.
Five stars!

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