The Growth Mindset Pack

Help your children to develop their abilities with this bumper pack of growth mindset resources! Create a love of learning in your classroom with our popular teaching materials, activity resources and printable display goodies!

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In this Teaching Pack…

  • One Thirteen Page Guide to Growth Mindset and the Brain – A handy set of posters that you can use to introduce your children to growth mindset and how the brain works. Use them as a whole class teaching tool, an independent reference resource or on your classroom display boards!
  • Two Learning Reflection Templates – Two printable templates that your students can use to reflect on their learning at the end of each day / week / term.
  • Eight Changing Words Posters – Encourage your pupils to think about the words that they are using and how they can change them to improve their mindset!
  • Thirty-Two Growth Mindset Discussion Cards – Thirty-two question cards that you can use as the starting point for class / group discussions or as independent tasks in the classroom.
  • One Growth Mindset Statements Activity – Do the six children on these activity sheets have a fixed mindset or a growth mindset? Ask your children to add pictures or statements to the speech bubbles to show the mindsets. Use our ready-made statements or challenge your pupils to come up with their own ideas.
  • One Set of Growth Mindset Bookmarks – A set of handy bookmarks that include a variety of thought provoking prompts and questions.
  • Twenty Inspiring Quotes and Questions – Printable quotes / questions that you can add to a display board to encourage your children to develop a growth mindset. They could also be used as a starting point for classroom discussions.

The Growth Mindset Pack

  • Thirty ‘What Happens Next?’ Prompts – Ask your students to look carefully at the images and then draw / write what might happen next to the people if they have a fixed mindset and a growth mindset. How will the outcomes differ?
  • Three I Can… I Can’t (Yet)… Activity Sheets – Encourage your students to think about the things that they can do… and the things that they can’t do (yet). Includes blank versions with spaces for drawing and lined versions for writing.
  • Forty-Nine Growth Mindset Vocabulary Labels – Forty-nine words related to a growth mindset that can be used in a variety of ways in the classroom. Can your children sort them into positive and negative words? Could they put each word into a sentence?
  • Four My Favourite Mistake Pages – An activity sheet that challenges children to think about a mistake that they have made in the past and what happened next. How did they learn from their mistake? How did they improve? Available in a selection of formats, with and without lines to write on.
  • Four ‘The Parts of the Brain’ Resources – Help your children to learn about the different parts of the brain using our poster and matching activity.
  • Four Growth Mindset Display Resources – A collection of printable materials to add to your ‘growth mindset’ classroom display boards.

Watch the video below to view samples of resources from the Growth Mindset Pack.


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The Growth Mindset Pack
Average rating:  
 37 reviews
 by Julianne Wandel
Growth Mindset

I have used this in my classroom which has many of the year levels (Preschoo-12 rural school) coming through. The graphics and messages are attractive and appeal to all ages.

Love a lot of the others and used in other classes as well!

 by Sofie
Keep growing

I have used this pack with four classes now and have loved what it brings of conversations with the pupils, but also as a dospkay to refer back to it all year. A great resource 🙂

 by Terilyn Huston
The Growth Mindset

The staff at our Teachers' Convention were very impressed with the PowerPoint and the Posters for The Growth Mindset. They were engaged in discussions and said they would use it in Language Arts lessons to help students have more confidence in themselves.

That's fantastic. We're really pleased that the resources worked well for you 🙂

 by Terilyn Huston
Growth Mindset

Next Thursday and Friday are our Teacher Conference days. Growth Mindset is one of the topics being discussed by our staff. Headway School is an ESL school. This is an opportunity to use the concepts to help the students learn to reflect on beliefs, ideas and attitudes in Canada. The diagrams and displays will entice the students to look at a new perspective.

 by Diane Sedgwick
Growth Mindset

This pack is extraordinary. It really resonates with my students. The graphics are eye catching and the quotes thought provoking. When others visit my classroom, it is one of the first things to catch their eye.

 by Cathy
Love this pack

This pack is brilliant, the bookmarks are great to be laminated and for children to always have with them as a reminder. Posters for around the school are fabulous too. We have seen a blog of a school that made a display about teachers favourite/best mistakes. Think we will do this using this pack. One improvement is the statements activity, would it be possible to have children with a fixed mindset and then how they change to a growth mindset. Thank you.

 by Talin

Teaching in a school where we focus on wellbeing and growth mindset, this pack has been very useful. Great for display, teaching resources and activities, it's an all-rounder. A well thought out pack.

 by Marie
Growth Mindset

My year 3/4 class have loved this pack. We held a class discussion talking through the guide. They went onto complete statements activity which they really enjoyed. (Their choice) We have banned the word can't in the class room. This week, they set themselves goal to achieve by next friday, I was very proud of a little boy who has struggled set his target - 'To come into class everyday next week without crying because he can do it!'. The posters look great on display. Will take a photo this week to share.

 by Louisa
Growth Mindset

This is just what I was looking for. I am looking forward to using this pack with my older students(ages 10-12). The design is more 'grown up' than other Growth Mindset resources that I've come across. Thank you very much!

 by Gaëlle P.
Growth Mindset

I am a French ESL teacher and we're not used to teach methods like growth mindset because we have so many other things to teach, but I was very interested by this pack, and the kids loved it!

It's really fantastic to engage students as learners, and to show them that any mistake is but a step towards success.

It takes time but when you do it on a, maybe not daily but weekly, basis, it has some positive effects on students!

Another good point : the graphics, they're funny and attractive!

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