The Wellbeing Pack

Help your children to think about, and improve, their wellbeing with our fantastic pack of resources! It includes a huge collection of printable templates, activities and other resources, at a variety of difficulty levels for your learners.

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In this Teaching Pack…

  • One 18 Page Wellbeing Guide – A fantastic guide that can be used to introduce your children to the topic of wellbeing. It includes comprehensive information about how conversations, diet, exercise and sleep can affect our wellbeing and how to improve them.
  • Four Wellbeing Texts – A selection of differentiated texts to teach your children about different aspects of their wellbeing (diet, exercise, conversations and sleep).
  • Four Wellbeing Comprehension Activities – A collection of differentiated comprehension tasks based on the wellbeing texts available in this pack.
  • One ‘Wellbeing Scale’ Resource – What things improve your wellbeing? What things have a negative impact? Record your ideas on this handy template!
  • Six ‘My Wellbeing Plan’ Printables – A template on which your children can draw (or write about) actions they can take to improve their own wellbeing.
  • Seven Wellbeing Review Templates – Use these differentiated templates to give children opportunities to reflect on their wellbeing and the things they can do to improve it.
  • Two Kindness Review Templates – A printable template that children can use to think about how they have been kind to others, and how others have been kind to them. Also available as a ‘Kindness Plan’ on which to record ways that we can be kind to each other.
  • Five ‘How I like to relax’ Printables – Encourage your children to think of ways to relax with these handy writing and drawing templates.
  • Three ‘Gratitude Gallery’ Sheets – Give your children opportunities to reflect on what they are grateful for, by completing these gallery templates.
  • Four ‘What makes me SUPER?’ Pages – A set of templates that children can use to record their talents, skills and achievements! Available as a drawing and writing activity.
  • Forty-Eight ‘Rate their Wellbeing’ Sheets – How are the people in these images feeling? Can your children suggest ways to improve their wellbeing?
  • Six ‘Positivity Package’ Templates – What would you put into a package to make you feel happy and confident? Use this template to draw or write about your ideas!
  • Four ‘I Feel… I Hope…’ Pages – A selection of sentence starters that children can use to explore how they are feeling and to reflect on their own wellbeing.
  • One Set of Wellbeing Sentence Starter Cards – A selection of cards that can be used as the starting point for discussions about wellbeing.
  • Twenty Wellbeing Discussion Cards – A set of twenty cards that include an illustration of a person and a statement about their life / wellbeing. We have also included a list of suggested ways of using these cards with your children.
  • One Wellbeing Walk About Game – A simple game that your children can play to reflect on their own wellbeing and how to improve it!
  • Sixty ‘Relationships Picture Prompts’ – Ask your children to look at the images in these picture prompts and discuss the relationships of the people shown. How do they know each other? How are they feeling? How could they improve their wellbeing?
  • Sixty Wellbeing Activities for Children – A collection of ideas for activities that you can use to improve your children’s wellbeing!
  • One Set of Wellbeing Bunting – A set of colourful bunting to hang in your classroom!
  • One Wellbeing Banner – A handy banner to add to your display boards.

The Wellbeing Pack


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The Wellbeing Pack
Average rating:  
 7 reviews
 by TC
Good for class and PD

I have used some of the resources during PD for staff and for parent meetings (conversations) as well as in class.
The wellbeing and kindness reviews, really liked for class and homework tasks.

 by Maureen Quinn
Well Being Pack

With well being being such an important aspect of the curriculum this pack has proved extremely useful.Love the Powerpoint

 by Karyn

Returning to onsite learning after 7 lockdowns!! These resources have been instrumental in welcoming our students back onsite. Using the gratitude gallery for our first day back today. Wellbeing sentence starter cards will be used during circle time. Thank you!

 by Karyn

This pack has so many excellent ideas & resources for focusing on wellbeing. I'll be using these with my little ones and for myself. We definitely need to focus on our wellbeing after 2 terms of remote learning in Australia! The resource "What makes me super!" is going to be a fantastic activity for the first day back. Thank you!

 by Gilly

This is our topic for the term and this couldn't have dropped in my inbox at a better time. Outstanding resource!
Thank you so much!

 by Esther

Love these resources, there are individual and team activities (which we can do spacing pupils out). This is an area I thought I would have to source myself then you did them - thank you!!

 by Karen Harper

Wow!!! What a fantastic pack. Understanding Wellbeing is so important in these current uncertain times.
Cant wait to use these resources, they seem so Young Person user friendly.

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