The Activity Mats Pack

Download a huge collection of differentiated activity mats for your children to explore! They include a variety of tasks that can be used as early morning activities, as extension challenges, for home learning and more!

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In this Teaching Pack…

  • 120 Activity Mats – Each mat is available in PowerPoint and PDF formats and includes:
    • Vocabulary Challenge – Ask your children to think of the meaning of a given word, use it in a sentence, and then use the letters to make new words!
    • Quick Calculations – A set of simple Maths calculations to solve.
    • The Answer Is… – A number is provided for your children. Can they think of different Maths questions with that answer?
    • Did you know…? – Learn some new facts by looking at the image and reading the related information. You can then try some of our suggested activity ideas to extend your knowledge further!
    • Picture Prompt – Look at the image and use it as the starting point for a variety of creative writing tasks.
  • The mats are available at three levels of difficulty for different age groups (A: 5 to 7 years, B: 7 to 9 years and C: 9 to 11 years)

The Activity Mats Pack


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The Activity Mats Pack The Activity Mats Pack The Activity Mats Pack The Activity Mats Pack
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The Activity Mats Pack
Average rating:  
 5 reviews
 by Karen Harper
Activity Mats

Fantastic resources.
Can be used as a starter, brain break or plenary. Brilliant for workshop / round Robin type session.
Even my Cub and Beaver Scouts enjoyed them.

 by Rowena
The Activity Mats

I love this pack as a reliever in various classrooms it gives me a quick overview of the students different abilities...and the students love them as much as i do...look forward to seeing more additions to the packs!

 by Rowan
Incredibly useful!

These are just delightful. I have been testing them out, tutoring my eight year old son with them while we're on holiday. They are extremely useful! A good range of activities - define the word, use the word...punctuation and handwriting and grammar interesting mix of maths practise activities...story writing and dialogue...wordplay and spelling...interesting facts about history and geography, with fun tasks...and some very useful colour and black-and-white versions. Terrific!

 by Edel

Wow I have just discovered these and they look amazing. Super helpful for differentiation particularly for better able children!
Thank you!

 by Gill
Activity Mats

These are simply the most brilliant, wonderful, amazingly useful and helpful things EVER!

In some ways activity mats are the simplest of ideas, but what an absolute gem of an idea.

This is a truly great mix of subjects across the curriculum, that I'm sure your members will use in many ways. For me, it will be a regular feature in my remote learning from now onwards. Also really appreciate the general knowledge inclusion; great for engagement.

I am so pleased to see that this resource really does stretch right across the primary age range, with some more challenging ones for my year 6. Wouldn't mind a few to challenge my most able Y6 too... but most importantly, I just need M O R E of these please.

Colourful, eye-catching and with several short activities, you have created a fantastic resource here. THANK YOU Really think these are great!

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