The Mental Maths Pack - A pack of teaching resources to improve your children's mental maths skills!

The Mental Maths Pack contains audio quizzes, maths challenge resources, tips and strategies posters, activity sheets and display resources... to help your children to improve their mental maths skills!

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In this Teaching Pack...

  • Forty Mental Maths Quizzes - Forty audio quizzes to play in your classroom, at a variety of difficulty levels. Includes related answer sheets for children to record their answers on, as well as a list of the questions (and answers) for teachers. Listen to a preview.
  • Three Sets of Flashcards - Sets of printable flashcards with addition, subtraction, multiplication and division calculations (at a range of difficulty levels). Show children a flashcard and ask them to answer the question as quickly as possible, give children a number of cards to answer independently or let your pupils work together to solve them.
  • Three Sets of Follow Me Cards -  Share a set out amongst your class and ask one child to read the question on their card. The child who has the answer then reads it out and reads their question. How quickly will your class be able to complete the loop?
  • Eighteen Addition Grids - Printable pages with grids of numbers (at a variety of difficulty levels). Can your children work out what the missing numbers are on each grid (using their addition, subtraction and problem solving skills to help them)? Includes answers for teachers (or for self-checking by pupils).
  • Forty Pages of Circle Calculations - Start at the centre of the circle and solve the calculations by working your way out towards the edges. Covering all four operations, with a wide range of numbers and answers too!
  • Seventeen Pages of Counting Grids - Can your children count from the starting number to the end number, in the steps required?
  • Twenty-Four Cross Calculations - Will your children be able to complete every calculation along the rows and down the columns on the grid?
  • Twelve Pages of Number Patterns - A range of easy and more complex patterns to solve, using whole numbers and decimals! Ask your class to find the next one, two or more numbers in each sequence!
  • Fifteen Sets of Quick Calculations - Fifteen sets of calculations (with 45 questions in each set)! Challenge your class to complete the addition, subtraction, multiplication and division challenges as quickly as they can!
  • Thirty-Two Super Grids - Calculation grids (covering all four number operations) at a wide range of difficulty levels.
  • Eight Pages of 'What's Missing?' Challenges - A collection of activities that ask children to identify the numbers that come before, between or after the ones shown.
  • Fifteen 'When do we use Mental Maths?' Posters - A fantastic teaching and display resource to show children how we all use mental maths skills every day! Also available in a smaller card format.
  • Twenty-Two 'Mental Maths Tricks' Posters - Display these handy mental maths strategies in your classroom to help your children save time when calculating! Also available in a smaller card format.

Preview the Resources...

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The Mental Maths Pack The Mental Maths Pack The Mental Maths Pack The Mental Maths Pack

The Mental Maths Pack The Mental Maths Pack The Mental Maths Pack The Mental Maths Pack

The Mental Maths Pack The Mental Maths Pack The Mental Maths Pack The Mental Maths Pack

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Teaching Packs The Mental Maths Pack Download a complete pack of teaching resources for your mental maths lessons and activities. Help your children to improve their mental calculation skills! SKU UPC Model

Mental maths

Jul 05, 2017 by Caroline Wright

Loads of great resources. Quick practice sheets for independent pupil practice, posters for class lessons/display, challenge sheets that I'll use for parental engagement with homework and applied skills. Fantastic. I love the flexibility your resources offer.


Jun 11, 2017 by C Holstein

The children loved these! They were used in their morning activity packs and they asked for more and more!


Apr 04, 2016 by Julie-ann

So many great ideas that inspire me to extend these ideas further. Students love quizzes?!

Metal Maths

Oct 06, 2015 by toffeeboybear

It really a very good teaching packs for my children. My children love it very much and can learn more about Maths in other interest way. Very colourful worksheets.

Deeper Thinking Skills

Sep 23, 2015 by Judi Cushanick

I really enjoy using the activities in this pack. Teaching Intellectually Disabled students, where one student may know much more than the other and where the grade level of a student does not matter, I have found that this particular pack makes the students think deeper than the normal math problem would. Intellectually Disabled students lack this ability and need help in reasoning and thinking a problem through to come up with the correct answers.
This pack provides much of what they need. It fills in the gaps and also provides me with needed information as to what to teach them more of to expand their knowledge.
I use this as a daily activity to start off the math class.
Thank you for this pack.


Sep 09, 2015 by Duncan Smith

Wow!!! What can I say? This range of Mental Maths resources is invaluable. It has certainly helped this old Year 3 teacher feel a lot younger by injecting some fun and excitement into his daily teaching.
Thank you!


Aug 04, 2015 by Colleen

This resource contains so many fantastic mental maths activities. The work is differentiated so many ways and all include the answers - meaning it can literally just be picked up! I even find things like the circle calculations self explanatory meaning I have left them with supply and for homework. It is such a helpful resource.

Mental Maths Pack

Jun 21, 2015 by Louise Camden

The Mental Maths Pack is really fantastic and I use it every week. The students really love doing the mental maths questions. Having the sound files is so good for me because I can walk around and see how my students are going while the talking is being done for me. I can put the answers up on the IWB afterwards for the students to mark their own work. Really fabulous resource.

Great Resource

Mar 19, 2015 by Lesley Burrell

I have been using this resource with my P4 class and found it really useful. The children love the audio (I guess it gives them a break from my voice!) and the crossword type puzzles. Really useful resource.

Very helpful with a large class!

Mar 18, 2015 by Tracy Christopher

My children of varying abilities struggled with mental maths, but this pack quickly helped me plug gaps and challenge the more able children. I use these resources on a regular basis with all children in Year 4!

4.9 5.0 37 37 Loads of great resources. Quick practice sheets for independent pupil practice, posters for class lessons/display, challenge sheets that I'll use for parental engagement with homew The Mental Maths Pack
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