The Number Bonds Pack

Help your children to learn and remember their number bonds with this comprehensive pack of teaching, activity and display resources. Use the topic guide as a teaching tool, and then share a wide range of differentiated activity sheets and games with your children!

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In this Teaching Pack…

  • One 14-Page Number Bonds Guide – Learn about number bonds with this topic guide! It explains what number bonds are and includes information about number bonds to 5, 10, 20 and 100, decimal number bonds, number lines, adding several numbers and more!
  • Twenty-One Number Bonds Sheets – Can your children work out what needs to be added to each number to make 10, 20, 50, 100 and 1000? Decimal number bond sheets are also included.
  • Two ‘Number Bond Bars’ Templates – Cut out these bars and find the matching pairs that will make 10!
  • Two Number Bond Rainbows – Colour the rainbow to show addition pairs that will make 10.
  • Six Sets of Number Bond Matching Cards – Sets of cards that children can match to make 10, 20, 50, 100, 1000 and 1 (using tenths and hundredths).
  • Seven ‘Match the Number Pairs’ Sheets – Draw lines to match the pairs of numbers that add up to the specified amounts.
  • Four Number Bond Mazes – Find your way through the maze by searching for addition pairs!
  • Three Number Hunts – Search through the grid of numbers to find pairs (and groups) of numbers that make addition pairs.
  • Four ‘First to 40’ Games – A fast-paced game that children can play to review their knowledge of number bonds.
  • One ‘Making Ten’ Card Game – Play this card game to practise matching pairs of numbers that add up to 10.
  • Six Missing Numbers Pages – Complete the addition calculations to make 10, 20 and 100.
  • Seven ‘Building Calculations’ Sheets – Use the numbers provided to make addition pairs.
  • One ‘Adding Several Numbers’ Task – Use your knowledge of number bonds to add these numbers quickly!
  • Five Number Bonds Posters – A selection of posters that can be displayed in your classroom!
  • Two Number Bonds Banners – Add these banners to your learning environment when your children are learning about number bonds!

The Number Bonds Pack


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The Number Bonds Pack
Average rating:  
 3 reviews
 by Nikki Jones
Fantastic pack

I have just used this pack with my home educated daughter. Maths is a really difficult subject for both of us. I hated it in school and still do but these packs are making it much easier to teach. There's a great amount of introductory information followed by a great selection of different activities to do. Thanks for making my job a lot easier as love the fact it's all in one place and I don't have to go searching for separate activities.

 by Lizzie
Number bonds maze

Love the number bonds maze challenges! A fun way to test the number bonds knowledge, and I love that there are different challenge levels included in the same document.

 by Rowan

What a lovely set of resources! Lovely colours, great themes, suitable for Y1 to Y4, and some great games for older learners.

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