Membership Pricing

A membership of Teaching Packs costs just £29.50 per year (including VAT where applicable).

Throughout your membership, you will be able to:

  • Download all of our packs of teaching resources and use them in your classroom.
  • Use the exciting new packs that we make while your membership is active. We’re always busy making new resources, so join our email newsletter to stay updated. Don’t forget to look at our Future Packs page to see what our current plans are.
  • Access editable versions of many of our resources, so that you can adapt (or translate) them to meet the needs of your particular children.
  • Download an exclusive Bonus pack of resources.
  • Use our interactive teaching tools in your classroom.
  • Access our exclusive Facebook group to get special previews of upcoming resources and share ideas with other members.
  • Enjoy special member-only treats and discounts from a range of other educational sites and providers.

How are payments processed?

Payments can be made using a Paypal account or with a debit / credit card (which uses the Stripe payment processor). Payments will automatically renew so that you don’t have to remember to log in and renew manually after a year. However, your membership can be cancelled easily if you prefer and you will continue to have access to the Teaching Packs until the expiration date of your account.

What is the membership cost in other currencies?

Our membership cost is converted to a number of other currencies below.

Teaching Packs Membership (£29.50)

  • Australian Dollars – 53 AUD *
  • Canadian Dollars – 48 CAD *
  • Euros – 33 EUR *
  • New Zealand Dollars – 57 NZD *
  • US Dollars – 35 USD *

* Please note that these are approximate amounts based on recent exchange rates and Paypal / Stripe will convert the membership cost into your local currency when you join, so the final amount may differ slightly from the ones shown here.

Your membership payment allows us to spend more time making lovely teaching resources and sharing them with you on Teaching Packs. Thank you!

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