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Payments can be made using a Paypal account or with a debit / credit card (which uses the Stripe payment processor). These are one-off payments so you will not be tied into a recurring subscription. If you would like to continue your membership after a year, you can renew easily from the Members Area.

During your year of membership, you will be able to:

  • Download all of our current packs of teaching resources and use them in your classroom. At the moment, we have over 10,000 resources in fifty-six packs:
    1. The 3D Shapes Pack
    2. The Ancient Greece Pack
    3. The Ancient Maya Pack
    4. The Angles Pack
    5. The Area and Perimeter Pack
    6. The Bonus Pack
    7. The Calculator Pack
    8. The Christmas Pack
    9. The Classroom Essentials Pack
    10. The Classroom Rewards Pack
    11. The Comprehension Pack
    12. The Coordinates Pack
    13. The Decimals Pack
    14. The Display Letters Pack
    15. The Division Pack
    16. The Early Human History Pack
    17. The Early Morning Activity Pack
    18. The Early Morning Activity Pack 2
    19. The Early Years Essentials Pack
    20. The Egyptians Pack
    21. The Explanation Writing Pack
    22. The Fractions Pack
    23. The Grammar Pack
    24. The Growth Mindset Pack
    25. The Human Body Pack
    26. The Instruction Writing Pack
    27. The Internet Safety Pack
    28. The Listening Skills Pack
    29. The Maths Vocabulary Pack
    30. The Mental Maths Pack
    31. The Narrative Writing Pack
    32. The Negative Numbers Pack
    33. The Newspaper Reports Pack
    34. The Number Pack
    35. The Olympics Pack
    36. The Percentages Pack
    37. The Persuasive Writing Pack
    38. The Phonics Pack
    39. The Plants Pack
    40. The Pirates Pack
    41. The Punctuation Pack
    42. The Reasoning Pack
    43. The Recount Writing Pack
    44. The Report Writing
    45. The Romans Pack
    46. The Science Vocabulary Pack
    47. The Shapes Pack
    48. The Space Pack
    49. The Telling the Time Pack
    50. The Thinking Skills Pack
    51. The Times Tables Pack
    52. The Victorians Pack
    53. The Vikings Pack
    54. The Wet Play Pack
    55. The Wonderful Words Pack
    56. The Writing Prompts Pack
  • Access our exclusive members forum to share ideas with (and ask for advice from) thousands of other Teaching Packs members.
  • Access special member-only treats and discounts from a range of other educational sites and providers.
  • Download and access any other packs that we make during your membership period. We're always busy making new resources, so join our email newsletter to stay updated. Don't forget to look at our Future Packs page to see what our current plans are.

What is the membership cost in other currencies?

Our membership cost is converted to a number of other currencies below.

  • Australian Dollars - 24 AUD *
  • Canadian Dollars - 25 CAD *
  • Euros - 17 EUR *
  • New Zealand Dollars - 26 NZD *
  • US Dollars - 18 USD *

* Please note that these are approximate amounts based on recent exchange rates and Paypal / Stripe will convert the membership cost into your local currency when you join, so the final amount may differ slightly from the ones shown here.

Your membership payment allows us to spend more time making lovely teaching resources and sharing them with you on Teaching Packs. Thank you!

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