The Biodiversity Pack

Learn about the amazing variety of life on Earth with our Biodiversity resources! This pack includes a topic guide (in PDF, Powerpoint and video formats), printable activities to try, and display resources to decorate your learning environment.

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In this Teaching Pack…

  • One 15 Page Biodiversity Guide – A comprehensive overview of the topic, in PDF and Powerpoint formats, covering food chains, adaptation, extinction, habitat destruction, introduced species and ways to encourage biodiversity.
  • One Biodiversity Key Facts Presentation – A simpler version of our Biodiversity Guide for younger readers.
  • One Biodiversity Video Guide – Learn about biodiversity by watching our video guide! A transcript of the video’s text is also available to download.
  • One Biodiversity Video Review Sheet – What did your children learn while watching our biodiversity video? Ask them to record their discoveries on these templates.
  • One Biodiversity Video Comprehension Task – A set of comprehension questions to review your children’s understanding of the biodiversity video.
  • One Biodiversity Quiz – A quiz to test your knowledge of biodiversity, available as differentiated question sheets and an interactive PowerPoint presentation.
  • Three Biodiversity KWL Sheets – Explore what your children already know, what they want to know and what they have learned before and after your biodiversity topic.
  • Four Biodiversity Texts – A set of differentiated texts about different aspects of biodiversity around the world.
  • Four Biodiversity Comprehensions – Differentiated comprehension questions based on the texts in this pack.
  • Fifteen Pages of Vocabulary Labels – A collection of words linked to this topic, with related images and definitions.
  • One Biodiversity Glossary – A helpful reference document showing definitions for topic words.
  • Three Biodiversity Vocabulary Challenges – A variety of tasks based on the words in our biodiversity glossary. Try the ‘cut and match’ version, identify the missing words or write your own definitions!
  • Twenty Biodiversity Activity Cards – A selection of ideas and activities that you can try to encourage biodiversity.
  • One “What can we do?” List – A list of ideas to help you encourage biodiversity in your local area.
  • One Habitat Sorting Activity – Can your children sort the plants and animals into their habitats? Available as a writing task or a ‘cut and stick’ activity.
  • Ten Biodiversity Picture Word Banks – Ask your students to think of nouns, adjectives, verbs and adverbs to describe the plants and animals in these pictures. They can then use their words to produce sentences, paragraphs or story starters about the images!
  • Three Biodiversity Checklists – A set of checklists to help your children find and identify plants and animals in different UK habitats.
  • Three Biodiversity Cloze Procedures – Put the missing words into the correct spaces in these texts about biodiversity.
  • Three ‘Correct the Spellings’ – Can your children identify and correct the misspelt words in these texts?
  • Thirty Biodiversity Colouring Pages – Pictures of different animals and plants to colour.
  • Two Biodiversity Word Searches – Can your children find the topic vocabulary in these word searches?
  • One Biodiversity Champion Certificate – Reward children to help to encourage biodiversity in the local area with this certificate!
  • One Set of Biodiversity Bunting – Eye-catching bunting to hang in your learning environment.
  • One Biodiversity Banner – A ready-made banner to add to display boards about this topic.

The Biodiversity Pack


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The Biodiversity Pack
Average rating:  
 1 reviews
 by Rowan
Very useful!

I can see how this could be used in many different lessons, for many different age levels. For studying animals, plants, evolution, the environment...there's plenty here for students of all ages! Particularly happy with the video guide, the Word Banks and the comprehension questions.

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