The Victorians Pack

Help your children to discover this fascinating period of History with our Victorians Pack! It includes a HUGE eBook that can be used for shared reading and independent research, along with a bumper collection of teaching, activity and classroom display resources.

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In this Teaching Pack…

  • One Sixty-Seven Page Guide to the Victorians – A comprehensive guide to Victorian Britain, covering family life, schools, clothing, work, transport and more. Display the PDF on a large screen for whole class teaching or print it for independent reference and research. Also includes a glossary of related words and their definitions.
  • Three Victorians Quizzes – Test your knowledge of the information in the Victorians Book with these quizzes!
  • Twenty Victorian Story Starters – A collection of images that your children can use as the starting point for a range of stories (and other kinds of writing) about the Victorians.
  • One Victorians Timeline – A set of forty cards that show some of the main events of Victorian history in Britain. Use them for sorting / sequencing activities or as part of a classroom display board.
  • Sixteen Famous Victorians Posters – A collection of posters about people who lived during Victorian times. Use them for reference, research or your classroom displays!
  • Two Victorian Biographies – Two differentiated biographies, at three different levels of reading ability, that your children can use to learn about the lives of Queen Victoria and Charles Dickens.
  • One ‘Victorian and Modern Children’ Resource – Ask your children to compare the lives of Victorian children with their own. They can record their thoughts using words or pictures on this handy template and use the prompts included to spark their ideas.
  • One Inventions Matching Activity – Cut up these cards and ask your children to match them back together to learn about different Victorian inventions!
  • One Victorians ‘True or False?’ Resource – A collection of twenty statements about the Victorians. Can your children decide whether they are true or false?
  • One Set of Victorians Follow Me Cards – A set of thirty-two questions with answers on different cards. Give each child in your class one of the questions and ask somebody to read theirs out. The person with the answer then reads it out, along with the next question. Can your class work together to answer all of the questions?
  • One Thirty Page Victorians Image Pack – Thirty photos and illustrations of different elements of Victorian history. Use them as the starting point for discussion and further research or as part of your classroom displays.
  • Four Crosswords and Wordsearches – Help your children to review their knowledge of Victorian words with these vocabulary activities!
  • Four Victorians Display Banners – A collection of printable banners to add to your classroom display boards.

Watch the video below to view samples of resources from the Victorians Pack.


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The Victorians Pack
Average rating:  
 7 reviews

TEACHING PACKS has every detail covered and is chock-full of embedded professional development materials. This pack not only offers detailed structure for a well-balanced informative displays, it gives teachers/home educators an easy and manageable way to produce and implement an effective lesson. For the time being a member of TEACHING PACKS I have significantly improved the quality of literacy teaching and learning with my children. The detail in the illustrations are superb, and are very eye-catching for the children. Truly good value for money. Thanks.

 by Fiona
Time Saver

This pack is great! It has loads of great information and has saved me so much time.

Using it with P6 children and they are loving the illustrations and how the information is simplified for them.

 by Frédérique Rossi
Great resource

I used this pack to teach ESL in a class in France and the pupils just loved it. They were able to get so much information about Victorian Times as well as improve their level of English. I am surely using it again this school year! Thanks a lot, it was extremely useful!

 by Eleanor
A useful and time saving site!

I used the Victorians pack this term. The illustrations are eye-catching and the information is child friendly. The book-style guide, in particular, was really useful in encouraging my Year 3 class to develop their skills in retrieving information from a non-fiction text. I look forward to using the Vikings pack next term!

 by Pauline
Victorian Pack

Amazing illustrations, nifty in content. great past and present resource. Thanks!

 by Jane Jacobs-Mason
The Victorians Pack

The Victorians Pack is a great resource. Thank You.

 by June
The Victorians - Fabulous!

So good to have your new Victorians Pack. I have renewed my membership for the first time and I'm sure it won't be the last. I think the packs are excellent value for money. The save so much time. I have used quite a few packs over the last 12 months and each time a new pack is released I am eager to peruse it so that I know where to find quality teaching and display resources when I need them. Thank you for all the hard work your team puts into producing these packs. I must also add that I have have found your 'chat' link extremely helpful and your staff member 'Mark' has been so friendly I don't feel at all worried or fed up when I need to contact the team.

Keep up the great work!!

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