The Thinking Skills Pack - Help your children to solve problems, make decisions and ask (and answer) questions, with our teaching resources!

The Thinking Skills Pack is a complete set of teaching resources to help your children to solve problems, make decisions, ask (and answer) questions and more!

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In this Teaching Pack…

  • Four Hundred and Fifty Printable Activity Resources! – An enormous collection of resources that your children can use as part of a wide range of activities. Display them on an interactive whiteboard or print the activity sheets for use independently. Many of the resources are also be available in a smaller card format for easier reference. The resources are organised into the following sections:
    • Remember – Help to improve your children’s memory with these resources (many of which include a blank version so that teachers (or children) can make their own).
    • Understand – A set of resources to help your class expand, reinforce and review their understanding of concepts.
    • Apply – Can your pupils apply their knowledge, understanding and experiences in a wide range of situations?
    • Analyse – Ask your children to think carefully about individual items and groups of objects. Can they describe / imagine / compare them in different ways?
    • Evaluate – Challenge your children to evaluate different situations and use their judgements to make clear decisions.
    • Design – A varied set of design-based activities that have specific requirements (or restrictions) that your children have to meet during the creative process.
  • Two Display Banners – Decorate your classroom displays with our printable banners.
  • Three Certificates – Printable certificates to reward children for great ideas and problem solving!
  • Six Sets of Reward Notes – Give these out to children who demonstrate good thinking skills throughout all of your lessons!

Watch the video below to view samples of resources from the Thinking Skills Pack.


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The Thinking Skills Pack
Average rating:  
 22 reviews
 by Keith
Great for thinking

I do these once a year. I particularly like the listening skills pack. It lets the students know how they need to listen and also gives me as a teacher a really good idea about who might need additional help.

 by Talin
Great way to tune in

This pack is a great, fun way for students to tune into their thinking skills. Can be used as a 'warm-up' or for explicit teaching.

 by Lou
Thinking Skills Pack

The school that I am currently at is hoping to gain Thinking Schools status and I think the Thinking Skills pack, with its varied activities, is a super resource. I like the way in which the activities have been organised; there is a link to Blooms/Andersons revised Taxonomy. Applying the Thinking Hats and certain of the Thinking Maps to the wonderful variety of activities can easily be achieved. Another brilliant pack, thank you.

 by Sophie Jackson
life saver!!

We have just introduced Thinking Thursdays at m school, so this pack is really helpful, even id I don't use the exact resource it gives me ideas for different activities! perfect!

 by erin fraser
Excellent set of resources

I regularly use the thinking skills pack with classes from P1 up to P7, too reinforce the skills we use in daily activities and as starter activities.

 by Alison Solomon
very useful tool

I have used this with a special needs year 7 class. For many of them processing thought is a struggle but this pack has increased their confidence and guided them into deeper thinking. It's been a great success and one which has given obvious enjoyment.

 by Gillian Hall
Brilliant Thinking Skills

Thinking Skills is such an important thing to develop with the modern child who is so often hooked on TV and other media that does not require any creative thought. I use this pack with my Grade 2 class of 7 and 8 year old boys. They regularly astound me with their creative and "out of the box" thinking that is stimulated by this brilliant resource. Thank you.

 by Yvonne MacGregor
Thinking Skills - keeping on your toes

I like to keep my P7 class (Scotland) on their toes by using different types of thinking skills. This pack is brilliant for keeping them on their toes and challenging their thinking. Keep up the excellent work!!

Now any chance of packs for critical literacy, WW2, Anne Frank, Holocaust Day.....

Thanks for all your hard work and if these packs were available!!

Power to you Mark 🙂

 by p0larbear

Thank you for this pack. I had an observation last week and the used the evaluation idea of 'which are better?' in my English lesson. worked brilliantly so thank you

 by Trish Speedie
Classroom Essentials Pack

Thank you for all your wonderful work. I have used items from a number of different packs. I am moving to a different classroom this year and your packs allow me to make my room much more interesting and exciting for both myself and the students. You have some really great ideas and I'm buzzing with excitement for how I will use them. Thanks again and please keep on giving us these amazing resources.

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