The Scratch Activity Pack

Expand your children’s coding skills by asking them to create these Scratch activities. This pack includes a handy overview document, step-by-step instructions to follow for each activity, helpsheets to refer to, and challenge ideas too!

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In this Teaching Pack…

  • One Scratch Activity Pack Overview Document – A helpful overview of the activities in this pack, with links to our example files and lists of skills introduced in each task.
  • Ten Activities to Try – Each activity includes step-by-step instructions in PDF and PowerPoint formats with example code to use, printable helpsheets to refer to while your children are coding, and challenge ideas to help students extend and improve each activity. The activities increase in difficulty / complexity and use different types of code blocks and Scratch extensions:
    • Kitty’s Dinner Time – Feed Kitty by adding controls to move it towards the food bowls.
    • Mix and Match Monsters – Create weird and wonderful monsters by designing and swapping different body parts.
    • Soggy Froggy – Build a game in which the frog has to avoid the falling raindrops!
    • Dragon’s Treasure – Program shapes to move around the screen and find the dragon’s hidden treasure!
    • Animated Initials – Make your initials come to life by animating the letters!
    • Rainbow Drawing – Use the Pen blocks to create sprites that can draw on the screen!
    • Space Dog – Help Space Dog return to Earth by choosing his angle of flight!
    • Musical Instrument – Use Music blocks to play sounds and control them using the keyboard.
    • Translation App – Create your own translation tool to translate text to different languages and speak the answers!
    • Football Crazy – Move the player along the platforms, collecting footballs and avoiding monkeys along the way!

The Scratch Activity Pack


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The Scratch Activity Pack
Average rating:  
 3 reviews
 by EJS
Great Help

Lovely resources and good staging through the task levels with clear instructions for students and support staff (even if non-specialists). Wonderful!!

 by RMR
Fabulous resource!

My P5 class loved using these resources to create their own project, thank you very much for creating them.

Would you consider adding some more as we are all eager to continue coding?

Thanks for your lovely review! We would love to make some more activities for this pack.

 by Colin Gallagher

This is a fantastic resource and one that will really help students. Scratch is a fantastic coding program. I do hope you create more IT. resources. That is way things are going.

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