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Just type (or paste) some text into this autocue / teleprompter, press the Start button and read your words as they scroll smoothly down the screen. This is a fantastic resource for your classroom drama activities and performances! There are lots of handy features like full-screen mode, up and down scrolling, variable scrolling speed, keyboard shortcuts and more.

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Number Generator

Our Number Generator lets you pick random numbers based on the criteria that you have chosen. These include ‘more than…’, ‘less than…’, ‘multiple of…’, even, odd, negative numbers and decimals! It also includes a history option that shows a record of the numbers that have been generated and the ability to show / hide the number and the properties that you have chosen.

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This fantastic jukebox brings music and sound effects to your classroom! It can play sixty different audio tracks (sorted into six different categories) and another sixty different sound effects. Play them as background audio while your children are working or use them as part of classroom drama activities!

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This jukebox can be used in many different ways in the classroom. Try some of our ideas!

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Random Pupil Picker

Just enter the names of your children, click on Rover’s ‘Fetch’ button and he will choose one of your children at random. You can then remove that child from the list and choose again. This could also be used for choosing words from your spelling list or from a collection of topic vocabulary.

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Our first tool is a classroom stopwatch. It has clear digits (with labels), lap timings and a full-screen mode. Click on the settings icon in the corner to access additional options (including the ability to use milliseconds).

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