The Letter Writing Pack

Help your children to write first-class letters with our comprehensive teaching pack! It includes a topic guide, lots of example letters (and emails) to analyse and improve, activity resources, display materials and more!

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In this Teaching Pack…

  • One 10 Page Letter Writing Guide – Learn about the features of letters and how to structure them in our guide! It also includes information about formal and informal letters, relevant vocabulary, addressing envelopes, emails, writing tips and more.
  • Two Quizzes – Review your children’s knowledge of this topic by using this quiz. It’s available as two printable quiz sheets or as an interactive PowerPoint presentation.
  • Two Letter Writing Vocabulary Mats – A handy collection of words and phrases that your children can refer to when they are writing letters.
  • Sixteen Examples of Letters and Emails – A large collection of differentiated letters (and emails) that your children can read, evaluate and improve!
  • Five Famous Historical Letters – Real-life examples of letters written by people from the past.
  • One Hundred Letter Writing Ideas – A huge collection of suggestions for your letter writing activities. These are available as a downloadable list and printable cards.
  • Two Letter Generators – Roll a die and use the options on these templates as a prompt for your letter!
  • One ‘Formal or Informal?’ Activity – Can your children decide whether these words and phrases are more suitable for formal or informal letters?
  • One Letter Writing ‘Reverse Comprehension’ – The answers to this comprehension challenge are already completed! Can your children use this information and work backwards to create the persuasive letter that they are based upon?
  • Two ‘Parts of a Letter’ Posters – These differentiated posters can remind your children about the different parts of a letter and how they are arranged.
  • One ‘Letter Layouts’ Activity – Can your children cut out the different parts of a letter and stick them into the correct places on the template provided?
  • One Sincerely Mnemonic Poster – A handy poster to help your children remember the spelling of ‘sincerely’.
  • Twelve Writing Templates – A range of templates that your children can use to write their own letters, emails postcards and envelopes!
  • Twenty-Four Themed Letter Writing Paper – Sets of themed paper templates (with and without lines) to use when your children are writing letters about different topics.
  • Four Banners – A set of printable banners to add to the display boards in your learning areas.
  • Two Sets of Bunting – Hang this bunting in the classroom when your children are learning about letter writing and emails.

The Letter Writing Pack


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The Letter Writing Pack
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 1 reviews
 by Denise
letter writing

Fantastic pack and very useful for my reluctant writer.

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