The Early Human History Pack

Learn about the life of early humans in Britain during the Stone, Bronze and Iron Ages! Includes a child-friendly eBook (with a comprehensive glossary of terms), a range of exciting activity resources and classroom display materials.

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In this Teaching Pack…

  • A Fifty-Six Page Early Human History eBook – A printable eBook covering all aspects of early human history in Britain. Includes child-friendly descriptions, clear diagrams and an enormous glossary which can be used to review relevant vocabulary. Share the pages on an interactive whiteboard or print them for classroom activities and display boards!
  • One Timeline of Prehistoric Britain – A printable poster showing a timeline of periods and events in prehistoric Britain. Also includes a blank version with suggested labels for your children to complete.
  • Twenty True or False? Cards – A set of facts about early human history. Can your children identify which ones are true and which are false? Includes answers for teachers / self-checking.
  • Twenty-Eight Early Human History Challenges – A set of practical activities to explore with your children!
  • One Set of Early Human History Follow Me Cards – Give the cards out to the children in your class. Ask one child to read out the question on their card. Other children should look at the cards to see if they have the matching answer… and the continue until you have answered all 32 questions. A great way of reviewing your knowledge of the topic!
  • One ‘Early and Modern Human Needs and Wants’ Activity – A table that can be used to compare the needs and wants of early / modern humans. Also includes fifty suggestions that your children can sort onto the table. Can they think of any others?
  • Six Cave Paintings Posters – A collection of posters showing examples of cave paintings from around the world. Use them as the starting point for discussions… or for your own cave painting art work!
  • Five ‘Colour and Complete’ Pages – A set of images for your children to colour… and then complete the rest of the scene to show what is happening around the characters!
  • Twelve Story Starters – Use these eye catching images as the starting point for some wonderful writing about early human history!
  • Three Early Human History Quizzes – Plenty of quiz questions to test your children’s knowledge of the different ‘Ages’ in Early Human History. All answers can be found in the eBook.
  • One Early Human Vocabulary Activity – Can your children write definitions of these words? They can use the glossary in our eBook to help them!
  • Five Display Banners and Five Posters – A set of printable banners and posters that you can use to decorate your classroom display boards!
  • One Wordsearch and One Crossword – Review your understanding of vocabulary for this topic using our printable wordsearch and crossword pages!

Watch the video below to view samples of resources from the Early Human History Pack.


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The Early Human History Pack
Average rating:  
 6 reviews
 by Tricia
Great Story Starters

I loved the Story Starters which provide richly stimulating pictures alongside opening sentences. I will use them to continue my children's learning in History into their English lessons, furnishing a satisfying cross-curricular link. I would recommend looking at these within the range of historical topics on offer. Thank you!

 by GD
Questioning historical facts

As an African born in America, I feel that some of these packs could be more inclusive with other cultures and races. Children of today need to really understand that this world consists of many cultures that have contributed greatly to society, and leaving out these facts can and will cause great harm (mentally, spiritually, and emotionally). As these children grow into adults, they will realize what they were taught was either false or half truths.

Thanks for your review GD. We completely agree that children should learn about the contributions that different groups of people have made to society and we try to include these in our packs. For example, in our recent Explorers Pack, there are references to explorers from different periods of history and from all around the world.Our Early Human History Pack was created to address the requirements of the English National Curriculum, which states that "Pupils should be taught about changes in Britain from the Stone Age to the Iron Age." As a result, the focus on this pack is on Britain and the changes here during that period.

 by Glenda
Early Human History

I have used this pack this year and have found many of the activities really useful. The most useful have been the story starters. They helped my class write super narrative, but with a historical element. Thank you. I recommend this pack.

 by Sarah Batt
Everything you need in one place!

This is an excellent resource. Jam packed with a wide variety of resources, activities and display material. It is very appealing to children and adults and alike and has instantly helped to engage my Year 3's in this topic. I look forward to more History and Science topics to use in class.

 by Vonnie
Fantastic history information

This pack is fantastic. It contains beautiful images of early man through the ages and also pictures, images and drawings of cave paintings, tools used and ways the early man lived and evolved. It explains it in a very easy to understand way which my pupils loved.

They could not wait to find out what new animal the humans hunted or what tool they used.

The crosswords were greeted very enthusiastically. The booklet was easy to print out in sections to introduce to the children in manageable stages.

Looking forward to more History packs like this.

 by Jayne Pledger
Early Humans

The Early Human History e-book is a fabulous resource. Our library is not very well stocked for this area of history so this has proved invaluable. It is written in a way to appeal to children and I even had some reluctant boy readers absorbed in the 'hunter/gather' pages.

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