The Myths and Legends Pack

Teach your children about myths and legends with this comprehensive teaching pack. It includes a full topic guide, example texts to explore, story starters, activity resources and eye-catching display materials to enhance your learning environment!

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In this Teaching Pack…

  • One 12 Page Guide to Myths and Legends – A PDF / Powerpoint guide that you can use to teach your children about myths and legends. Includes information about the features, characters, settings, themes, language, story structure and more!
  • One Myths and Legends Video Guide – Learn about myths and legends by watching this handy video guide!
  • Two Quizzes – Review your children’s knowledge of this topic by using this quiz. It’s available as two printable quiz sheets or as an interactive PowerPoint presentation.
  • Twenty-Four Example Texts – A huge collection of examples of myths and legends from a variety of cultures. Can your children find the features of myths and legends?
  • Twenty-Four Sets of Comprehension Questions – Comprehension questions (with answers) linked to the example texts in this pack.
  • One Romulus and Remus Listening Challenge – Can your children listen to this myth about Romulus and Remus and answer the related questions? Read the text to your class or play our ready-made MP3 version!
  • Thirty-Eight Heroes, Villains and Monsters Posters – Teach your children about characters from famous myths and legends with these printable posters.
  • Forty-Eight Myths and Legends Story Titles – A set of 48 story titles that your children can use as the starting point for their own myths and legends. Available as printable cards or a list.
  • Twenty Story Starters – Inspiring images that your students can use as the starting point for their own myths and legends.
  • Eight Myths and Legends Planning Templates – A set of helpful planning templates that your children can use before writing their own myths and legends.
  • Four Myths and Legends Writing Checklists – Differentiated checklists that your children can refer to when they are writing their own myths and legends.
  • Five Myths and Legends Comic Strips – Five comic strips that retell myths and legends from around the world. Use them with your children as a shared reading resource.
  • Five Myths and Legends Comic Strips (with blank images) – The images have been removed from these comic strips. Can your children read the myths and legends and then add pictures to accompany the text?
  • Five Myths and Legends Comic Strips (with blank text) – The text is missing from these comic strips. Can your children add captions to accompany the images?
  • Six Comic Strip Templates – Blank templates that children can use to create their own myth / legend comic strips.
  • Three Display Banners – Eye-catching banners to decorate the English display boards in your classroom!

Watch the video below to view samples of resources from the Myths and Legends Pack.


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The Myths and Legends Pack
Average rating:  
 9 reviews
 by Annie
Myths and Legends

Just finished using parts of this pack. The children loved retelling some of the myths and legends using the comic strips. Superb pack which enabled the children to create their own success criteria using the checklists. Thank you

 by Amanda
Myths & Legends pack

I have just used some of the activity sheets with my Year 5 English class. They loved completing the quiz, cartoon & writing activities and the guide.
Thank you for this wonderful resource.

 by Rachel
All you need in one package!

We used this pack for our Library Summer Reading Program and it saved us so much time searching for different images and activities, it had everything we needed in a great little package. Thank you 🙂

 by lbin
Excellent Myths & Legends Resource

A really useful pack for teaching Myths and Legends. The writing checklists are particularly helpful for target setting and toolkits - as both the teacher and children can see what they need to achieve by the end of the unit. It is also great that the countries of origin are given, so if you were teaching Greek mythology for example, you can select the appropriate myths.
Thank you!

 by Daniela Romero
Awesome Myths and Legends

I used your myths and legends pack during the written expression lesson and my students loved it. We used the plan and checklist as well as the power point presentation. It was a success. Your packs are absolutely fantastic!

 by Lesley Harvey
What a pleasure

I was so impressed with this pack. The overall simplicity made for easy learning and understanding, and the visuals are brilliant. The power point presentation was enjoyed by all grade from 4 - 7 and the story collection had something for everyone. The different storyboards provided allowed me to use the pack over 4 grades. Thank you very much for a well thought out and well constructed theme.

 by Nikki Tester
Simply Brilliant!!

Thank you, thank you, thank you,- this pack is simply wonderful. You have thought of absolutely everything. This pack is such a timesaver and covers all curriculum content- what more could you ask for?
This subscription site is Simply Brilliant!!

 by J Karanja
Myths and Legends

I teach English in a special needs secondary school. We do follow the national curriculum, but adapt it to the needs of our students. We do a 'Greek Myths' project with our year 7s, plus an 'Opening to a story' unit, so I have found parts of the Myths and Legends pack really useful for both topics. The way the stories are told in a cartoon strip with pictures is ideal for our students, and I will use the story dice to help students create a simple myth of their own. I will be able to use some of the other Myths and Legends materials for our cultural diversity topics. I like the simple format and lovely cartoons and pictures. Thank you.

 by Rowan
Myths and Legends

I have a confession to make. I wasn't actually expecting to use the Myths and Legends pack much. I expected that it would mainly be useful for when we, you know, teach Myths and Legends - and in our school, that's a Year3 topic, and I'm now a Year 4 teacher.

But when I downloaded the pack and looked through it - well, I have to take my hat off to you. There are SUCH a lot of wonderful things in there, such a lot of great stories, and such beautiful cartoons and illustrations. It's way beyond what I expected. Well done! I shall certainly be using this pack a lot more than I thought I would.

This week we're doing Book Week, with a theme of "Storytelling from around the world". So I think the first thing I shall do is print off these stories, put the children into groups, and have them read them to each other!

Many thanks!

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