The Shapes Pack

Go on a Shape Safari with your class and discover everything that there is to know about two-dimensional shapes! This pack includes a huge bundle of printable display and activity resources to help your class in your shape lessons.

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In this Teaching Pack…

  • Twenty Shape Safari Posters – Eye-catching images of our shape animals to use on your classroom displays (including different types of triangles, quadrilaterals and other polygons). A number of different versions are available, with and without facts about each shape.
  • Four Pages of Shapes Cards – A printable set of cards showing the pictures and names of different shapes. Use them for sorting / matching activities… or print two sets and play matching pairs!
  • Fifteen Shape Mats / Posters – Handy reference tools to help children remember the names and properties of different shapes.
  • Twenty-Four Shape Clues – Will your children be able to identify the mystery shapes using the clues provided?
  • Twenty Spot the Shapes Posters – Challenge your pupils to find the shapes used in the printable photos. Could they then take their own photos of objects and places made up of different shapes?
  • Five ‘Shape Hunting’ Activity Sheets – Will your children be able to find the different shapes in these unusual pictures?
  • Three ‘Trace the Shapes Activity Sheets – Get your children to practise drawing shapes using three pages of shapes to trace.
  • Five ‘Shape Jumble’ Pages – Lots of shapes are jumbled together in a pile! Can your children work out what each shape might be?
  • One Compound Challenge – Can your children identify the shapes that might have been used to create these compound shapes. Includes ten different compound shapes with answers for teachers!
  • One Shapes Prefixes Poster – Help your children to remember the names of different shapes by exploring our prefixes poster.
  • Three Display Banners – Decorate your classroom display boards with our eye-catching banners.

Many of the pages in this pack refer to one of the quadrilaterals as a ‘trapezium’. However, some countries use the word ‘trapezoid’ instead, so alternative versions of these resources are also included for our members.

Watch the video below to view samples of resources from the Shapes Pack. Don’t forget to look at our 3D Shapes Pack too!


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The Shapes Pack
Average rating:  
 29 reviews
 by liz Kelly
Suitable for younger classes

Very good resource. I would like to see something for the older grades on this topic.

 by TGT

I am so happy that I bought a membership to this website! It has saved me hours and hours of finding materials. This pack gave me everything I needed for our Shapes math unit!!!! Thank you!

 by Sinead
Great resource

I love the posters in this pack. They are clear and well laid out. Not overly complicated. I would love maybe some tessellation puzzles/pictures too - I think that would really add to the pack! Thanks Teaching Packs for another great pack!

 by Scott Roche
Super Shape Pack

I use this every year with my year 2 class. They love the fact that the shapes are made into different animals and this helps them remember and recall the names. These are always found on my maths working wall during our shape focused week.

 by Laura Tindle
So useful!

This pack was a godsend to me when starting in a new job days before Ofsted arrived. The colourful display posters meant I could make my tutoring room look bright and cheerful in minutes.

The animal shapes on the cards intrigued my children and helped my SEN children to remember some shapes more easily.

I recommend this pack to everyone!

 by Noreen Bashir
Shapes Pack

Thank you once again for a jam packed resource:) This pack will be used with great appreciation for my next Learning Wall visual display in year 6 in the new year.

 by Alison Newman
shapes pack

Downloading this pack for the second time as I have lost my original. Used the animal safari pack for year 6 children, who they then went on to make super hero shapes characters. We also went on to make wanted posters e.g wanted strong quadrilateral must have 4 equal sides, 4 right angles. Children loved this and came up with some great ideas.

p.s A super hero pack would be amazing.

 by Chris
Shapes Pack

What a wonderful resource. My special needs class love this resource, especially the animals. They discuss the shapes in conversations with each other "remember that triangle was a ........" Given that these children are mostly ASD students this conversation is extremely beneficial to them. Thank you so much!

 by Caryn

A very visual pack for display with a wide range of activities for active learning. Would love to see something similar for 3D shapes.

 by Beccy

I have found every pack I have downloaded has exactly what I need...this pack is no different. The shape mats are perfect with the characters that make it fun for the children!

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