The Florence Nightingale Pack

Learn about the life, achievements and legacy of nurse, statistician and health campaigner Florence Nightingale. This pack includes a topic guide to explore with your children, as well as a variety of teaching, activity and display materials.

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In this Teaching Pack…

  • One 10 Page Guide to Florence Nightingale – A handy topic guide (in PDF and Powerpoint formats) that can be used for whole class teaching, shared reading or independent reference. It includes information about Florence Nightingale’s early life, her achievements in the Crimean War, her influence on medicine and nursing today and more!
  • One ‘Key Facts’ Presentation – A simple presentation that outlines the key facts of Florence Nightingale’s life. Available in PDF and Powerpoint formats.
  • Two Florence Nightingale Cloze Procedures – Can your children read this biography of Florence Nightingale and put the missing words back into the correct places? Available at two different levels of difficulty.
  • Twenty Florence Nightingale Timeline Cards – A collection of cards that show the main events in Florence Nightingale’s life that you can use for discussion, sorting or display!
  • Four Florence Nightingale Timeline Activities – A set of questions about Florence Nightingale’s life based on an accompanying timeline, blank timelines for your children to complete and a jumbled timeline to put back together!
  • One Set of Florence Nightingale True or False? Cards – Challenge your children to read the twenty facts about Florence Nightingale and decide which ones are true and which are false!
  • One Florence Nightingale Spelling Challenge – Read these sentences about Florence Nightingale’s life, find the misspelled words and then write the correct spellings in the space provided!
  • One 10 Page Florence Nightingale Image Pack – A collection of illustrations, paintings and photos of Florence Nightingale. Use these as the starting point for discussions about the topic or as an addition to your classroom display boards.
  • One Florence Nightingale Colouring Page – An outline illustration of Florence Nightingale that your children can colour, paint or decorate in other ways!
  • Ten Florence Nightingale Quotes Posters – A set of posters that show quotes from Florence Nightingale. Use them on a classroom display board or share them with your class and discuss what they mean.
  • Two Display Banners – Use these banners as titles for your classroom display boards!
  • One Set of Bunting – Hang this bunting in your classroom when your children are studying Florence Nightingale’s life!

The Florence Nightingale Pack


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The Florence Nightingale Pack
Average rating:  
 3 reviews
 by Lois
Brilliant resource!

This is a brilliant resource! My children loved learning about Florence Nightingale and they found it really interesting. We have linked it with the Microorganisms mini pack, to cross reference history with science. The timeline was great, as were the comprehension and spot the spelling mistake worksheets. I plan to use the colouring picture of Florence Nightingale as a picture for them to sketch using charcoals and shading for art. The pack covers so many areas of the curriculum, I would highly recommend it!

 by Rowan4c
A very useful Pack!

I must admit, I've never taught Florence Nightingale before, and am not planning on teaching the topic any time soon - but if I was, I'd certainly be very glad to have this pack! A very nice mixture of activities and learning resources.

 by Anne
Florence Nightingale pack

Love it! Looking to to using it next time we study the Victorians. Any chance there could be a blank timeline where the children have to work out the date rather than finding out what happened on a specific date to support differentiation?

Thanks Anne! I have just added a new resource to this pack, based on your suggestion.

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