The Teaching Projects Pack

Download a large collection of educational project resources, covering different subjects and topic areas! These stand-alone teaching projects can be used as independent and group tasks in the classroom, or as challenges for homework and remote learning.

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In this Teaching Pack…

  • Create a Comic – Do you enjoy reading comics? Let’s try making one of your own!
  • Weather Watch – What is the weather like in your area? Let’s try watching the weather and see how it changes.
  • Construction Work – Have you ever wondered how buildings are made? Let’s try constructing a building of your own!
  • Newspaper Reporter – Have you ever wanted to be a journalist? Let’s try writing our own newspaper report…
  • Art Appreciation – How many famous works of art can you think of? Let’s look at different examples and try to create our own…
  • Dream Homes – Have you ever imagined what your dream home might be like? Let’s design a new house.
  • Game Maker – Have you ever wanted to design your own video game? Let’s create a character and a level for a brand new game!
  • Animal Adaptations – How many different animals can you think of? Can you imagine a brand new creature?
  • Map Making – Have you ever looked at different types of maps? Let’s try making a map of our own.
  • Product Packaging – Have you ever looked at the packets that your food comes in? Let’s try designing some of our own…
  • Party Planning – What is the most exciting party you can imagine? Let’s plan a fantastic party for your family and friends!
  • Christmas Traditions – What are your favourite Christmas traditions? Let’s find out how people celebrate!
  • Extraordinary Creatures – Learn about fantastical creatures from myths, legends and other stories. Then design your own!
  • Design a Musical Instrument – Learn about musical elements, find out how musical instruments make sounds and then design one of your own!
  • Classroom of the Future – How will children learn in 10, 100 or even 1000 years? Explore how education has changed throughout history and then try to imagine a classroom of the future!
  • Book Covers – Think about the reasons why authors, illustrators and publishers design eye-catching book covers, learn about the features of a book cover and then design a cover for your favourite book (or for a story of your own).

The Teaching Projects Pack

We would love to continue creating new project resources for this pack. If have any suggestions for topics to cover, please let us know!


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The Teaching Projects Pack
Average rating:  
 2 reviews
 by Emma Strong

We have just switched to project based learning for Home Ed and this couldn’t have been more useful! My daughter especially loved the ‘Design Your Dream Home’ pack and she thoroughly enjoyed the newspaper pack too.

I love Teaching Packs. Thanks for being awesome!

 by Wayne
Super Pack

What an amazing pack! I love the different topics that has been covered so that it can be used across the curriculum.

It is relevant to the learners and the world they live in.

Congratulations to the team. You are making a difference.

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