The Saint Swithin Pack

Learn about Saint Swithin’s Day by downloading our comprehensive topic guide, biography, comprehension questions, activity resources and display materials!

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In this Teaching Pack…

  • One 10 Page Saint Swithin Guide – Teach your children about Saint Swithin by reading our PDF / Powerpoint guide together.
  • One Saint Swithin Biography – Read about Saint Swithin’s life in our biography.
  • One Set of Saint Swithin Comprehension Questions – A set of questions to test your children’s understanding of the Saint Swithin biography / guide.
  • One Saint Swithin Cloze Procedure – Can your children put the missing words into the correct spaces in this text about Saint Swithin?
  • Three Saint Swithin KWL Sheets – Explore what your children already know, what they want to know and what they have learned before and after your St. Swithin topic.
  • One Saint Swithin Poem Template – Write an acrostic poem about St. Swithin using this template!
  • One St. Swithin’s Day Proverb Poster – A poster that shares a proverb about the weather after St. Swithin’s day.
  • One Weather Chart – Will St. Swithin’s proverb come true? Record the weather for forty days and find out!
  • One 10 Page Saint Swithin Image Pack – A collection of photos and illustrations to explore, discuss and display!
  • Four Pages of Vocabulary Labels – A set of display labels with vocabulary, definitions and related images.
  • One St. Swithin Anagram Challenge – Can your children unscramble the letters to make words linked to Saint Swithin?
  • Four Saint Swithin Writing Templates – A set of writing templates that your children can use to record information about St. Swithin.
  • One Saint Swithin Word Search – Can your children find words related to the topic in this word search?
  • Eleven Saint Swithin Colouring Pages – A selection of colouring pages, at different levels of complexity, based on this topic.
  • Two Display Banners – Celebrate Saint Swithin’s Day by adding these banners to your display boards!

The Saint Swithin Pack


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The Saint Swithin Pack
Average rating:  
 1 reviews
 by Rowan
Very nice

Not one of the more popular topics, I would have thought, but very interesting to see. Mark and Helen make a fine job out of it, with a most interesting guide and lots of very interesting connections - Saxon history, science recording, vocabulary games, and a comprehension.

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