The Wet Play Pack - An exciting set of resources and printable goodies for children to explore during wet play times.

Our Wet Play Pack includes a huge collection of educational resources and printable goodies for your children to explore during break periods when it’s raining outside.

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In this Teaching Pack…

  • Fourteen Crosswords – Solve the clues and work out the words that are missing from the grid. These crosswords cover lots of different subjects and topics, including Maths, sports, languages and more!
  • Twenty-One Wordsearches – Challenge your children to find the missing words in our wordsearches. A variety of different topics are included at lots of different difficulty levels.
  • Ten Word Jumbles – How many words will your children be able to find using the letters in our jumbled grids?
  • Twenty Sudoku Puzzles – A collection of 4×4 and 6×6 Sudoku puzzles to challenge your children. The answers are included too!
  • Five Pages of Word Sequences – Can your children change the first word, one letter at a time, until they reach the last word?
  • Seventeen Pages of Matching Pairs Cards – A huge collection of cards that can be used to play ‘Matching Pairs’ or ‘Snap’ games.
  • Four Super Silhouettes Activities – Can your children match the pictures to their silhouettes?
  • Five Missing Letters Pages – Which letters are missing from the alphabet on each page?
  • Ten Code Breakers Challenges – Work out the hidden messages by solving the secret codes!
  • Five Pages of Anagrams – Themed sets of anagrams for your students to unjumble!
  • Fifteen Finger Puppets – Printable finger puppets for children to cut out, colour and use for role play activities. Includes construction workers, pirates, emergency rescue people and other characters!
  • Ten ‘Complete the Picture’ Challenges – A set of ten printable grids containing half of a picture. Can your children complete the other half?
  • Eight Marvellous Mazes – A set of mazes to challenge your pupils. Can they work they way through each maze?
  • Nine ‘What’s Missing?’ Activity Sheets – A set of images that each have something missing… Will your pupils be able to draw the part of the picture that has disappeared?
  • Fifteen Colouring Pages – A selection of animals, toys and vehicles for children to colour.

Watch the video below to view samples of resources from the Wet Play Pack.


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The Wet Play Pack
Average rating:  
 16 reviews
 by Karen Harper
Word Jumble and Missing Letters

Fantastic results with these 2 resources. I am working with a yr6 who skim reads and misspells words due to rushing. The habit has increased during Lockdown.
Missing Letters has been used to slow pupil down and fully engage at the start of sessions.
Word Jumble was used in sessions to develop vocabulary and improve spelling. However, he wants to play it often with family members.

 by Linds75
Great resource

What a great file to have for wet play times, I am going to create a file of resources for children to help themselves to without creating loads of mess.
Many of these are also useful brain break activities for children having trouble accessing their learning and needing 5 mins time-out. I have a number of children that sometimes need a re-focus, some of these will occupy them whilst they do this.

 by Lynda
Wet Play Pack

This is brilliant for the weather we have in this country. The children will love it.

 by Cathy
Wet Play Essentials

Superb pack with something for everyone to enjoy at those difficult wet playtimes that we seem to have this time of year.

 by Anne taylor
Wet play

Wow all the children enjoyed the activities. These packs are a great back up In a busy week.

 by Carol Reed
Wet Play Pack

This is another fabulous pack - thank you so much Mark! Although we are absolutely desperate for a couple of wet days out here in Zimbabwe, these resources make a wonderful early finisher

 by Jolene Abbey
Brilliant Resource!

This has been a great pack to have, especially over the last few weeks while the weather hasn't been brilliant. There's loads to do in it and the children have loved all of the activities. Some have even requested them to complete at home!

 by Clare
Wet Play Saviour

My class absolutely love puzzles so this pack will be the best thing since sliced bread for them. Thank you!

 by Marion
Heat Wave

A forecast heatwave for all this coming week, students will be in at lunch breaks. You have saved my sanity. Thank you.

 by Sarah

Finally some ideas for wet play which do not require getting every single toy out 🙂

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