The Leonardo da Vinci Pack

Learn about the life, work and achievements of Leonardo da Vinci with our fantastic pack of resources! A full topic guide is included, along with a collection of activity and display materials!

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In this Teaching Pack…

  • One 10 Page Guide to Leonardo da Vinci – Use this topic guide to learn about da Vinci’s life and achievements. It is available in PDF and PowerPoint formats.
  • Two Quizzes – Review your children’s knowledge of this topic by using this quiz. It’s available as two printable quiz sheets or as an interactive PowerPoint presentation.
  • One Set of ‘True or False?’ Cards – Can your children identify which of the facts on these cards and true and which are false? Answers are included.
  • Twelve Examples of Leonardo da Vinci’s Work – A printable collection of paintings and drawings by Leonardo da Vinci. Use them on a classroom display board or as the inspiration for your own art work!
  • Ten Pages from Leonardo da Vinci’s Notebooks – Explore and discuss his drawings of human anatomy, machinery and inventions!
  • Four Painting Outlines – A selection of outline versions of some of Leonardo da Vinci’s paintings. Use them as colouring pages or for decorating in your own style.
  • Six ‘Create your own da Vinci’ Templates – Use the grid to create your own version of some of Leonardo da Vinci’s famous works of art! Available in small and large formats.
  • Five Design Challenges – Ask your children to design a range of new inventions, using inspiration from Leonardo da Vinci’s notebooks! Five different challenges are included and a blank version is also available so that you can set your own.
  • One Leonardo da Vinci Crossword – Use your knowledge of Leonardo da Vinci to solve the clues in this crossword!
  • Two Sets of Bunting – Hang this bunting in your classroom as part of your Art topic!
  • Three Display Banners – A selection of banners to decorate your display boards when your children are learning about Leonardo da Vinci.

The Leonardo da Vinci Pack


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The Leonardo da Vinci Pack
Average rating:  
 6 reviews
 by Toni
Great Resource!

I homeschool a little girl who loves artists. This resource file along with a book about Leonardo DaVinci has provided me with endless quality teaching ideas and saved me hours of prep time. Thank you for making my life so much easier

 by Berna Özerdem
Thank you so much!

Thank you very much for this pack. It is really useful and informative. We are working on a project called "Golden Ratio in Art and Architecture" in terms of interdisciplinary work. Da Vinci was one of the artists who used golden ratio in his works. My students are writing his biography we benefited from this pack a lot:)

 by Amanda Palmer
Leonardo da Vinci mini Pack

This pack was absolutely perfect when we took it along to a one day course looking at Art and Science for my home educated son. He stood up and eloquently talked about Leonardo and his paintings and sketchbooks. The tutor was most impressed.....these mini books work perfectly to work as a stand alone or with other content. It meant that we can take it much further looking at making bridges and looking at flight.
Thank you very much. It saved me hours of work and the mini pack contained masses of information for our needs. People think my son is a budding genius!

 by Anil Gaind
Wonderful ideas

Lovely resources for a topic. However you could use these as stand alone activities, particularly the Create your own da vinci, the mirror writing and the design challenges. Love it!

 by Mary
Another useful resource!

Really useful for anyone doing this topic. Particularly like the Create your own ‘da Vinci’! Thank you guys.

 by Rowan4C
Very nice!

Good stuff! If you're doing Leonardo da Vinci or a related topic, it's a godsend. Otherwise, it's very interesting, with some nice resources. I'm sure the children will like the notebook pages, and the crossword is a lovely exercise.

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