The Minibeasts Pack

Learn about minibeasts around the world with our comprehensive collection of teaching, activity and display resources! This pack includes a full topic guide, games to play, images to explore and much, much more!

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In this Teaching Pack…

  • One 21 Page Minibeasts Guide – A comprehensive PDF and Powerpoint guide to minibeasts, covering different types of minibeasts, metamorphosis, life cycles, camouflage, habitats and more!
  • One Key Facts Presentation – A simpler version of the Minibeasts Guide, for younger children or lower ability readers.
  • One Minibeasts Video Guide – Learn about minibeasts by watching this handy video guide!
  • Eight Pages of Minibeasts Vocabulary Labels – A collection of printable labels showing minibeast vocabulary, with related images and definitions. Use them on a display board or for class / group discussion activities.
  • One Minibeasts Glossary – A handy reference document that gives the definitions for words linked to this topic. Available in PDF and Word formats.
  • One ‘Name the Minibeasts’ Activity – Can your children name the fifteen minibeasts on this activity sheet?
  • One Set of ‘Match the Minibeasts’ Cards – Challenge your students to cut out these photo and word cards and match them together!
  • One ‘Spot the Minibeasts’ Challenge – How many of these minibeasts can your children find when they are exploring outside?
  • Four ‘Label the Minibeasts’ Printables – Ask your students to write (or cut and stick) the correct names of the body parts of four different minibeasts.
  • Two ‘Types of Minibeasts’ Resources – A display poster (with a related matching activity) to help your students remember the different types of minibeasts.
  • Three ‘What am I?’ Game Resources – Can your children use the clues to identify the minibeasts being described? This game is available as a set of foldable paper strips (for individual and small group games), a list (for adults to read) and a Powerpoint presentation.
  • Forty ‘Minibeasts Around The World’ Posters – Sets of posters (and smaller cards) that share information about different minibeasts from around the world. These are available at two different levels of complexity and can be used for classroom display, shared discussion and independent research tasks.
  • One 30 Page Image Pack – A huge collection of photos and diagrams that your children can use to find out more about minibeasts. Use them on a display board or as the starting point for group / individual discussion and research.
  • Two ‘Products from Minibeasts’ Texts – Discover how minibeasts help us with these differentiated texts. A set of matching comprehension questions are available.
  • Eleven ‘Minibeast Life Cycles’ Activities – A variety of resources to help your children review their knowledge of the life cycles of ladybirds, butterflies and bees.
  • Three ‘Build a Minibeast’ Templates – Cut out the different shapes and put them together to build your own ladybird, spider or caterpillar!
  • Four Craft Activities – A selection of craft ideas, with instructions and printable templates.
  • Twenty Minibeasts Colouring Pages – A large set of colouring pages based on this topic, available at a wide variety of complexity levels.
  • Two Minibeasts Word Searches – Can your children find the names of the minibeasts hidden inside the mushrooms?
  • Ten Sets of Bunting – A range of minibeasts-themed bunting to hang around your learning environment!
  • Six Banners – Time-saving banners to add to the display areas in your classroom!

The Minibeasts Pack


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The Minibeasts Pack
Average rating:  
 6 reviews
 by Kaz Batson
Mini beasts

Loved this resource - PowerPoints videos, search a words and crafts, not to mention all the info!!! Teaching Packs have never let me down. The PowerPoints are my go-to intro resource 🙂

 by Jackie
Fabulous Minibeasts

Fantastic resource. Differentiation perfect for EAL students. Colourful and eye-catching.

 by Glynis
Minibeasts -At home and school

My school is doing a staggered return and alternating school days for our pupils. My daughter is in Grade 3 at my school and has been speeding through the work assigned by her teacher. Last week the Grade 3s were assigned a task on Insects. The Minibeasts Pack is a lifesaver for me because now she has sufficient work to occupy her when she isn't at school, in addition to learning additional content!

Thank you, Mark and Helen for the outstanding work you create!

 by Rowan
A terrific pack

Wow! What a lot of wonderful resources. Any teacher teaching minibeasts will find this a real treasure trove, and it is also great for life cycles, craft lessons and many other topics. I especially like the guessing game and the arts and crafts ideas. Well done!

 by Vicki Eadie
Magical Minibeasts

This pack is absolutely brilliant, I'm teaching lessons via Zoom and when I send out resource packs to my students these activities will be brilliant to supplement their learning. Huge variety, great craft ideas, really useful, thank you.

 by karen Harper
MiniBeast Pack

This is FAB. I am a Beaver Scout Leader so this pack has all the resources needed for a Mini Beast themed camp 🙂

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