The Chinese New Year Pack

Celebrate Chinese New Year with our fantastic resource pack! It includes a Powerpoint guide, a wide variety of activity resources and eye-catching display materials to decorate your room!

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In this Teaching Pack…

  • One 10 Page Guide to Chinese New Year – A guide to Chinese New Year, available in PDF and Powerpoint formats! Use this for your whole class teaching, as a reading / reference resource or on your classroom display boards.
  • One Chinese New Year Video Guide – Learn about Chinese New Year by watching this handy video guide!
  • Two ‘Reach for the Stars’ Resources – A comprehension resource that tests children’s knowledge and understanding of the information in our Chinese New Year Guide. Available at two different levels of ability.
  • Six ‘Similarities and Differences’ Templates – Ask your children to compare Chinese New Year celebrations with their own new year activities.
  • Four Chinese Lantern Templates – A set of lantern templates that your children can colour, decorate and use for a range of art activities.
  • One Dancing Dragons Craft Activity – Includes a set of simple instructions that your children can follow and a template to decorate.
  • Two Dragon Outlines – Dragon outlines that can be used for different art activities.
  • One Chinese Zodiac Story – Read the story that explains how the names of the Chinese Zodiac were decided.
  • Three ‘Chinese Zodiac Comic Strip’ Resources – A comic strip that retells the Chinese zodiac story. Alternative versions are also available with missing text and missing images, so your children can add their own.
  • Twelve Chinese Zodiac Posters – A set of posters that show the animals of the Chinese zodiac and the years they are named after.
  • Twelve Chinese Zodiac Animals Colouring Pages – A collection of pictures that your children can colour / decorate as part of the Chinese New Year celebrations.
  • One ‘Zodiac Animals Tangrams’ Resource – Challenge your children to make twelve animals using the tangrams template!
  • One Chinese Zodiac Animals Word search – Can your children find the names of the animals in this word search?
  • One Set of Bunting – Hang this bunting when your children are celebrating Chinese New Year!
  • Thirteen Chinese New Year Banners – Different banners to decorate your display boards during your Chinese New Year celebrations!

The Chinese New Year Pack


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The Chinese New Year Mini Pack
Average rating:  
 8 reviews
 by Tracy clarke
Chinese New Year

I have used Teaching Packs in my classroom for several years and have found the resources to be of a significantly higher quality than other more expensive sites.

I now work in a care home as an activity coordinator and use the events packs such as the Chinese New Year resource as the base for reminiscence days. The visuals are perfect for my dementia patients and the information is concise and engaging. Excellent resources which transfer easily across many settings.

 by Anna
Chinese New Year Pack

All the kids that I teach enjoyed this pack. Reading the story about how it all started and creating their own comic strip, making a dragon and working out which animal they are. It was also nice to be able to teach them something different and inclusive.

 by Amanda Curtin
Great summary and crafts

Another great summary of the topic, some lovely colouring pages and we especially enjoyed doing a couple of the crafts. We liked the tangram tiles too!

 by Samantha
Chinese New Year

Thank you, we have really enjoyed using this pack 🙂

 by Carly Green
Super Mini Pack

Thank you for this very useful and timely mini pack! The Reach for the Stars resource is a really fun way of learning more about Chinese New Year, especially combined with the Powerpoint guide. I'm especially happy that there's something for each of my children in this pack (11, 8 & 5 years old), as that makes sitting and learning together a much more fun experience : )

 by Emma lace
Fantastic pack!

My children were asking about Chinese New Year and how they celebrated. This pack was a great way of them learning about their traditions and they loved the craft activities that were included.

 by Petra T

Once again you have done a fantastic job! Thanks for such great value, great quality resources that add both interest and effective activities to my teaching program and also enthusing me to start the new year! 🙂

 by Rowan4C
An excellent job!

This has exceeded my expectations! Not only is it an impressively hefty size for a minipack, the quality of the resources is extremely high. They're original and creative, and miles better than anything I've been using to teach Chinese New Year in previous years! I'm especially impressed with the tangrams, the comprehension activities, the Guide, the Dragon Puppet, and the Zodiac Comic Strip! Terrific job, Mark and Helen!

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