The Personification Pack

Help your students use personification in their writing with our helpful topic guide, activity resources and display materials. This handy pack has everything you need to get started!

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In this Teaching Pack…

  • One 7-Page Personification Guide – A helpful guide that teaches your children about personification and includes plenty of useful examples.
  • One Personification Reference Mat – A helpful overview of the topic that students can use as a reference resource while they are working.
  • One Complete the Personification Activity – Can your children add some examples of personification to these sentences?
  • One ‘Draw the Personification’ Challenge – Draw a picture to represent the personification in each sentence!
  • Two ‘Highlight the Personification’ Sheets – Look through the different texts and try to find examples of personification.
  • One ‘Personification Pictures’ Task – Write a sentence about each picture, remembering to include personification!
  • One ‘Personification or Not?’ Activity – Do these sentences have examples of personification? Can you explain why?
  • Sixteen Personification Posters – A large collection of posters that show examples of personification. Use them as a discussion resource or add them to a display!
  • One Personification Banner – A printable banner to use when you are making a display board about personification!

The Personification Pack


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The Personification Pack
Average rating:  
 3 reviews
 by MissR

This is a great wee pack for introducing or consolidating personification. Great to use as part of a display, too. Thanks!

 by Zuriette du Plessis
Personification Pack

Once again a lovely pack that is useful for teaching, display as well as student activities.

 by Rowan
Most useful!

A good set of resources on a tricky topic! The images are really engaging, and I like the touch of distinguishing between personification and anthropomorphisation.

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