The Spelling Games Pack

Help your children to improve their spelling skills with our enormous collection of games, educational activities, crosswords and word searches!

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In this Teaching Pack…

  • One Hundred ‘Sixty Second Spelling’ Challenges – Challenge your children to think of different spelling words in sixty seconds with these printable cards and posters. A Powerpoint presentation is also available, with and without an interactive timer option.
  • One Spelling Battleships Game – An exciting two-player game that challenges children to find the locations of each other’s letters on a grid.
  • One Spooky Spellings Game – Test your children’s spelling skills with this spooky board game! It includes thirty sets of ready-made word cards to print and use, but you can easily use other words based on your own spelling or topic lists.
  • One ‘Spell into Space’ Game – Can your children launch all six rockets into space by writing their spelling words correctly?
  • Seven ‘Spelling Snap’ Games – Sets of word cards that your children can use to play ‘Snap’! Can they find pairs of words with matching spelling patterns?
  • Four ‘Hook a Homophone’ Games – In these games, children have to find the correct homophones on the fish in the water. Who will hook the most homophones?
  • Four ‘Compound Connections’ Games – Can your children make a line of four coloured boxes by colouring words that join together to make compound words?
  • One Boggle Display Resource – Make an interactive display and challenge your children to make words using your chosen selection of letters!
  • Ten ‘Anagramasaurus’ Challenges – Can your children use the letters on the back of the Anagramasaurus to create new words and score points for every word that they find? Eight different versions are available, along with blank sets so that you can add your own letters.
  • Twenty Misspelling Spotters – Can your children race to find all of the misspelled words in these texts? Ten different texts are included, covering narrative writing, instructions, biographies, poetry and more.
  • Twenty Alphabet Races – Can your children sort these lists of spelling words into alphabetical order faster than their friends?
  • Four Pages of Letter and Phoneme Cards – A handy collection of cards, showing different letters and phonemes, that can be used for word building activities.
  • Five Letter Dice – Construct these letter dice and roll them to generate sets of letters. How many words will your children be able to make using those letters?
  • Three Spelling Challenges – Ask your students to find all of the misspelled words in these sentences and then write the correct spellings too!
  • Twenty-One Spelling Spirals – A collection of spelling challenges that ask your children to solve the clues and then write the answers into the correct places in the spiral.
  • Eighty-Two Crosswords – Can your children solve the clues and then fit the answers into these crosswords (and make sure that they have spelled each word correctly)?
  • Seventy-Two Word Searches – Can your children find all of the words in this huge collection of word searches? A wide variety of subjects and topics are covered.
  • Five ‘My Word Search’ Templates – A set of templates that your children can use to create their own word searches.

The Spelling Games Pack


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The Spelling Games Pack
Average rating:  
 13 reviews
 by Marianne Garety
Very versatile pack.

This is a lovely pack which fits in with many Topics likely to be explored during the school year. The variety of crosswords and wordsearches at different levels of difficulty is fantastic. The pack could be used with varying age groups and levels of ability. My only minor criticism is that wordsearches have word lists in lower case, or capital letter and then lower case, but the grids themselves are upper case. This has the potential to cause confusion for some pupils with dyslexia or other learning difficulties. It could be useful to have different versions. Eg all lower case for both word lists and grids, or all upper case. The flip side of this is it gives the pupils opportunity to transfer knowledge of upper and lower case letters while completing the wordsearches. The crosswords are lovely and good brain training for pupils. Thankyou for yet another useful pack!

Thanks for your review, Marianne. We appreciate your comments about the case of the letters in the word searches and this is something that we have addressed in the word searches that we have been making recently.

 by Christine Wilkinson
Lots of fun activities to improve spelling

A wonderful selection of fun activities to improve spelling. My pupils have enjoyed the crosswords which can be linked to topic work. The spelling mazes and word searches have been great homework activities.

 by Derryn
Treasure Trove

What a treasure trove of resources. Even my group of 14 year old girls loved the spelling battleships, thank you!

 by Sharanne
Excellent quality

The children in my classes have loved the teaching packs. The packs are full of information, colourful and easy to use.

 by Sinead
Fantastic Pack

There are so many wonderful resources and activities in this pack. My kids love it! They are engaged and motivated when these sets of games are taken out. Thanks so much 🙂

 by Karen
Super Spelling Fun!

A great way to promote learner autonomy with spelling battleships. This lends itself to so much more than spelling- reinforcing topic vocabulary, practising prefixes- great stuff- thank you!

 by Laura P.
Love it!!

Got to say, this pack has been a lifesaver over the last few days! As students are trying to wind down for the holidays, but we need/want them to be learning, I have had to think of other ways to keep them engaged, and this pack has really helped! The 60 second spelling challenges are brilliant, and today we are going to try and play spelling battleships!
Thanks for a great resource!

 by Karen Joiner
Another useful pack of resources!

Am loving this new resource pack and have already printed and laminated many of the games and activities - thank you! Would it be possible to have a landscape copy of the spell into space game to accommodate larger writing and/or longer words, please?
As always, a great range of imaginative activities which the children really enjoy.

Thanks for your lovely review (and great suggestion) Karen. I have just created a landscape version of the 'Spell into Space' game and added it to the pack!

 by Petra
Fantastic Resource!

Once again you have created a fantastic resource: it is immediately accessible/usable & has a broad range of possible uses. Thank you so much for making my preparation so much easier. It's great to know that I am delivering quality tasks to my class. Great work! 🙂

 by Lorna
The Spelling Games Pack

Every time I choose what I am doing with my ESOL children I check to see what you can provide - and you have done it again! I have been used the Rugby World Cup word find - so they all know the countries playing - and now you give me a Crossword for after our holidays! This term is spelling rules and these games are on point! Thank you. More printer friendly worksheets would help. Love the ideas - keep them coming.

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