The Division Pack

Enhance your children’s division skills with our incredible teaching, activity and display resource pack! Includes a comprehensive guide to the topic, printable activity resources for independent and group work, as well as handy display and reference materials.

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In this Teaching Pack…

  • One Twenty-One Page Guide to Division – A comprehensive guide that you can use to teach your children about different aspects of division. Covers when we use division, signs, strategies, links with multiplication / subtraction, dividing decimals / negative numbers and more!
  • One Division Mat – A handy reference mat that your children can use as part of their division work.
  • One ‘Find the Division’ Challenge – Can your children find twenty division calculations on this grid?
  • Six ‘Divisibility Tables’ Challenges – Challenge your children’s division skills by asking them to work out if the numbers in each row are divisible by the numbers at the top of the column. Five different versions are available for use with different ability groups!
  • One Divisibility Rules Poster – A helpful poster that helps your children to remember the divisibility rules for numbers from 2 to 9.
  • Three ‘Division Tables’ Resources – Handy charts that show division tables up to 100 ÷ 10 = 10 and 144 ÷ 12 = 12. Use these on a display board or as a reference tool on children’s tables.
  • Twelve Pages of Division Fact Cards – A set of cards that show division facts up to ‘144 ÷ 12’. Can your children sort them into groups or match them to the correct answers?
  • One Set of Division Follow Me Cards – Cut out the thirty-two cards and share them amongst the children in your class. Ask one pupil to read their answer and see who has the correct answer. When the child with the correct answer has been found, they should read their question. Continue until you have answered all of the questions!
  • One Set of Division Challenge Cards – A collection of forty maths challenges that cover a variety of division topics.
  • Two ‘Division Dice’ Challenges – Use dice to generate numbers and then divide them by 10, 100 and 1000!
  • Sixteen Pages of Division Questions – A huge set of differentiated division questions (with answers). Includes calculations with and without remainders, and including negative numbers.
  • Four Sets of Circle Drills – Four differentiated division challenges (with answers) for your children to try. Can they divide the numbers in the inner ring by the number in the centre of each circle?
  • Three Sets of Fact Families – Can your students find the two multiplication and two division calculations that can be created using the three numbers in each triangle? Three different activity sheets are included, with answers for teacher and self-checking.
  • One Division Banner – A printable banner to add to a classroom display board about division.

The Division Pack


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The Division Pack
Average rating:  
 13 reviews
 by Nikki
Fab Pack

My daughter finds Maths really difficult and causes a lot of anxiety. Having this pack to use with her has helped so much!! It gives the right amount of information to be able to learn division and because it is so bright and colourful and with plenty of pictures it's really helped. It introduces the topic perfectly and the worksheets are varied so it doesn't make repetition boring. Thank you for helping to make maths a bit easier and much more fun.

 by Julie MacDonald

I have used this pack with several year, and varying ability levels, with great success. They are colourful, challenging and appealing to all students. I particularly love the rules poster as a reminder.

 by Jai
The Division Pack

I was unsure about how I would introduce division and show the learners the different strategies. This pack has supported me and the learners. Thank you very much. Keep up the great work.

 by ruba
division pack

Wow an amazing product. Can you add to it the division vocabulary?


Thank you Ruba. There are lots of references to division in the topic guide, but it's a great idea to have something as a separate resource to review vocabulary too.

 by Diane

My kiddos really struggle with division and this pack has been a godsend. The guide is comprehensive and there are so many useful posters and activities.

 by Diane

Once again another brilliant pack with activities and explanations and posters - all so very helpful to time-poor teachers!

 by Nicole Gatt
Division Pack

Very comprehensive and easy to follow. I also like the graphics and the imaginative approach

 by Kama
The Division Pack

This pack is such a huge timesaver and I love having the Division Guide as a PPT too. Makes for easy viewing for both me and my students.

 by Lorraine Dalton
Love your site!

Hi, i had used your resources about a year ago and then stopped. I missed them so much i had to renew my membership again this year. The packs are so easy to use, excellent to display on a smartboard or print and display on the walls. The kids respond really well to the bright colors and the quirky illustrations. Looking forward to using many of them throughout the new school year!!

 by Nicole Gatt
Division Pack Review

A very comprehensive pack. A wide variety of activities that align with curriculum.

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