The Romans Pack - Learn about this exciting period in history with our eBook, activities and display resources!

The Romans Pack includes an eBook that can be used in lots of different ways in the classroom, along with accompanying printable activities and display resources. A fantastic collection of teaching materials to use as part of your Romans topic!

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In this Teaching Pack…

  • One 48 Page eBook – A child-friendly PDF eBook covering all aspects of Roman life. Use it as a whole class teaching tool by showing the PDF on a large display (e.g. an interactive whiteboard), print it for children to read independently, let your pupils access it on a mobile device for research purposes, or use it to learn about the Romans during your guided reading sessions.
  • One Ancient Rome Video Guide – Learn about Ancient Rome by watching this handy video guide!
  • Six Activity Sheets – Printable activity sheets to use with your class. These include Roman Numerals challenges, two quizzes, a crossword, a word search and vocabulary activities, all linked to the content in the eBook.
  • One Image of a Roman Legionary – A black and white picture of a Roman Legionary for children to label and colour!
  • Eight Printable Posters – Decorate your classroom with our posters, covering a variety of Roman topics.
  • One set of Roman Event Cards – Use our twelve event cards to make your own timeline showing the main events of the Ancient Roman period.
  • Ten Classroom Display Banners – Printable display banners, linked to the chapters in the eBook.

The Romans Pack


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The Romans Pack
Average rating:  
 32 reviews
 by Alison

Really informative ebook split into easy sections. The children enjoyed accessing the information and used it to write their own reports. Good range of activities and challenges to consolidate their learning.

 by Anne

Along with all of the history packs I've used which are produced by Teaching Packs, the Romans pack gives a wide range of activities and information in an easily accessible way. I love the books which has all of the information that the children can be given as we are learning. My class also enjoy the different Maths activities and challenges which are great to consolidate their learning.

 by Nikki
Excellent Pack

I used this pack with my home educated daughter and we both found it absolutely fantastic. The pictures in-between really help to break up a lot of text (which my daughter can find overwhelming). There was the perfect amount of information to feel that we had covered the topic really well but didn't feel weighed down by too much information. We love the activities and the quizzes as it is a really good way to finish off the topic. Thank you for all your hard work.

 by Rebecca
Engaging & full of fascinating facts

This is a really engaging pack. We particularly enjoyed the eBook, which covered a lot of different areas of Roman life and lots of interesting little facts that we hadn't discovered elsewhere. It was the perfect overview to accompany field trips to Caerleon (which is fantastic, by the way!) and Chester, which in combination helped to bring the topic alive - and the quiz and vocabulary activity were a fun way to end our project. Thank you!

 by Tina
Excellent Resource

An excellent time saver. Has all key information presented in a child friendly format. Excellent for project work.

 by Susan Cundiff

This past year I was lucky to have some students who were self-motivated to learn (ages 8-9). During our "centers" time while I worked with small groups and 1-1 with students I usually have different activities for the students who are fast-finishers of their daily work. When we were getting ready for our Romans unit I printed off many of the Roman activities from the Romans pack, and they were so excited to jump right in! It was quiet, everyone was engaged, and I had groans when it was time to clean up! They wanted to keep going! Can't wait to try this again with other packs!

 by Tracy Jarvis
Fabulous AND fits the standards

I panicked when my district said I had to document every resource I used to makes sure they fit our standards, not just fun. Well, you made it work in both areas! I was able to match both ELA and Social Studies standards, and the kids love the different pieces - BONUS - engagement! Thank you for a fabulous resource!!
I also use the Egyptian source and look forward to incorporating the Myths and Legends next year (as we have already studied this one). I also use a wide variety of packs in the English department; you plan my year!!

 by Margaret
Romans Pack

Fantastic pack bursting with information. Find teaching packs particularly useful for project work when we've been looking at a topic. The packs are a means of expanding children's knowledge on a variety of themes/subjects relevant to the topic under discussion/review. Children particularly love the variety of images that form a fundamental part of all resources. Keep them coming.

 by Dimitra

LOVE LOVE LOVE this pack

My teacher's son was away for much of this topic, I was able to print this off and go through it with him.

He ended up sneaking it into bed to read through as he found it fascinating, well presented and easy to follow

Thanks a million

 by Ruth

Used this resource to go back in time to the construction of Hadrian's wall on a recent stay in Northumberland. This was a VERY useful resource (boy age 7) and I tailored the pages to the ones I knew we would get most out of, numerals and money, families and children, gods, events cards, activities etc. Many of the classroom banners, posters etc are not for us but nevertheless it still left a decent chunk to choose from. I am hoping to find some way of downloading some to ipad in an interactive form, possibly by using ipads notes which can handle pdf with the on screen writable feature.

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