The Traditional Tales Pack

Explore the wonderful world of traditional tales with our enormous resource pack! It includes a topic guide, example stories to read, comic strips, comprehension resources, writing prompts, activity materials, display printables and much more.

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In this Teaching Pack…

  • One 15 Page Traditional Tales Guide – Learn about the history and features of traditional tales and fairy tales by sharing our guide with your children.
  • Six Traditional Stories – A collection of stories that you can share with your class using a large display… or print them for shared / independent reading activities.
  • Five Story Sequencing Activities – Can your children cut out the pictures and put them in the correct order to retell the stories? Could they use them to retell the story to an audience or write a word/sentence to accompany each image?
  • Ten Traditional Tales Example Texts – Stories from around the world to share with your children.
  • Ten Traditional Tales Comprehension Activities – A collection of comprehension tasks based on the example texts in this pack.
  • Ten Traditional Tales Cloze Procedures – Can your children fit the missing words into the correct spaces in these tales?
  • Ten ‘Correct the Spellings’ Activities – Can your children find and correct the misspelt words in these texts?
  • Ten Traditional Tales Comic Strips – A collection of comic strips that retell traditional tales from around the world. Additional versions are included, so your children can add their own pictures or text.
  • Six Sets of Story Characters – Sets of wonderful story characters to colour, cut out and then use for your own performances of popular traditional tales!
  • Five Sets of Story Character Playdough Mats – Challenge your children to create different characters and use them to retell famous stories.
  • Eleven ‘Describing Characters from Traditional Tales’ Templates – Can your children think of words and phrases to describe these characters?
  • Ten Traditional Tales Picture Word Banks – Can your children think of nouns, adjectives, verbs and adverbs to describe these images and then use their words to make a sentence or paragraph about them?
  • Eight Traditional Tales Writing Prompts – A set of inspiring images with related ideas for writing. How many of these will your children try?
  • Two Pages of Traditional Tales Story Starters – A collection of writing prompts to help your children write their own stories!
  • One Traditional Tales Story Generator – Roll a die to choose the who, what, when and where for a new traditional tale!
  • Sixteen ‘Twisted Titles’ Templates – Can your children write (or draw) stories based on these unusual fairy tale titles?
  • One ‘Who am I?’ Activity – Cut out the picture cards and the clue cards and try to match them together again! This could also be played as a game with one child reading out the clues and the other trying to find the matching picture.
  • One Traditional Tales Anagrams Sheet – Can your children unscramble the words to make the names of characters from different traditional tales?
  • One Traditional Tales Word Search – Can your children find the names of traditional tales in this word search?
  • Twenty Traditional Tales Colouring Pages – A set of colouring pages, at different levels of difficulty, based on this topic.
  • Three Sets of Fairy Tales Bunting – Fairy tale themed bunting to hang in your learning environment!
  • Two Display Banners – Make a display board in your classroom using these banners.

The Traditional Tales Pack


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The Traditional Tales Pack
Average rating:  
 1 reviews
 by Jackie King
Traditional Tales

This resource has been perfect for my EAL children in KS1 and lower KS2. It has made them feel valued hearing stories from their homeland. The text and comprehension questions have provoked lots of discussion and has improved the children's vocabulary.
Thank you

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