The Listening Skills Pack

Help your children to listen to others, remember what has been said and follow instructions with our range of Listening Skills resources! Includes a collection of enjoyable, practical activities and downloadable audio files!

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In this Teaching Pack…

  • Five ‘True or False?’ Audio Activities – Look at the images and listen to the statements in the audio recordings. Which are true and which are false?
  • Six Drawing Challenges – Can your children follow the audio instructions to draw the correct shapes and symbols in the correct boxes?
  • Four Instructions Challenges – Ask your students to listen to the audio instructions carefully and move the counters into the correct positions on the grid!
  • Eight Sequences Challenges – Listen to the sequence of words / sounds and answer the questions. Will your children remember the correct order?
  • Five Story Challenges – Challenge your children to listen to these stories and then answer the questions to test what they remember. Includes differentiated answer sheets.
  • Eight Listening Challenges – Eight different types of texts that have been narrated for you. Play the audio to your children and ask them to answer the related questions on our handy answer sheets!
  • Sixty ‘Yes or No?’ game cards – Will your children be able to work out the hidden objects by asking questions and listening carefully to the answers? Includes a large set of cards that you can use to play the game.
  • Forty ‘Silly Sentences’ – Will your children be able to listen carefully to each other, in order to pass a silly sentence around the group? Includes a large collection of sentences that you can use to get started.
  • Seventy-two ‘What am I describing?’ cards – An enjoyable speaking and listening game that can be played in pairs, small groups or as a whole class. Use our cards for your games, or use the blank template to make your own!
  • Six Sound Hunting Resources – Go on a ‘sound hunt’ with your class! Explore different areas and listen carefully to the sounds that you can hear. Use our printable sheets to sort the sounds into different categories and draw or write them into the correct spaces.
  • Four ‘How to be a Good Listener’ Posters – A set of posters to teach your students how to be good listeners. Includes blank versions so that you can add your own text.
  • Eleven Reward Resources – Use our handy certificates, reward notes and charts to praise your children for their amazing listening skills!
  • Three Display Banners – A collection of display banners to use on your Listening Skills displays!

Watch the video below to view samples of resources from the Listening Skills Pack.


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The Listening Skills Pack
Average rating:  
 31 reviews
by Jennifer Thompson on The Listening Skills Pack
Excellent resource for distance teaching!!

This pack has come in handy when I have been teaching my class using Teams during lock down. The children have told me they enjoy our Wednesday listening sessions, I get most kids joining me on a Wednesday. Thank you for putting together such a great, accessible pack.

by Esther on The Listening Skills Pack
Wow - excellent

This is a wonderful pack; I am so pleased with it as I have pupils with a variety of ability in listening skills so I can use these wonderful resources to meet the needs of all different pupils within the class. Love them, thank you, very much!

by Sarah Sarkodee-Addo on The Listening Skills Pack
Listening Skills

Such a good resource to have. Last year, my class looked forward to completing one activity every week which really helped with their listening skills.

by Shirley Anne on The Listening Skills Pack
Just what I’ve been looking for!

This listening pack contains everything you need to provide consolidation and challenge for any class. My pupils are 9-10 years old and thoroughly enjoy the activities available. The drawing challenge provides a good warm up which I then follow with one of the story challenges. Having differentiated answer sheets makes organisation within the class very easy to manage. I use use these as an assessment tool also as it is very interesting how some more able pupils can struggle to accurately recall important information so these activities are good for providing challenge for these pupils. A colleague who was passing my class came in whilst we were doing these activities and was very impressed-so maybe another Teaching Packs member to come. Thanks for providing the audio files and follow up in such an easy to use manner.

by Rebecca Ball on The Listening Skills Pack
A fabulous resource pack!

I downloaded this pack a little while ago and have been using it ever since! My class love the drawing challenges and you could hear a pin drop when they are listening to the next instruction - it gets very competitive! I have also used a variety of the other challenges during small group intervention work, which has been particularly useful for children who need to improve their concentration or their ability to follow a set of instructions. They love taking part and don’t realise that they are developing a skill at the same time as having fun! Thank you for creating such a brilliant pack - it’s not something I have seen anywhere else, but it’s been an invaluable resource.

by Ann on The Listening Skills Pack
Listening Skills Pack

Have just downloaded your Listening Skills pack for two new pupils and I am delighted to see the choice and progression included. Additionally it will be a real bonus for another pupil who is slightly older but needs to focus his listening. The stories will be fabulous for him. Thank you very much for producing a well thought out , well resourced and motivating resource. I will be using it today! Excellent!

by Caroline Brook on The Listening Skills Pack
Listening packs

This has been so helpful with my students and they really enjoy this.

by Mary on The Listening Skills Pack

Thank you for this pack. It has everything you need to help your class improve heir listening skills and is very useful for small groups too. The audio track as well is an unbelievable added bonus

by Fiona Sabey on The Listening Skills Pack
Listeniing skills

Thank you for some great resources. The fact that they have the audio track as well is an added bonus. I am using them for my Tutor group once a week as they have auditory memory problems. The variety of activities and resources is excellent value for money.

by Stormie on The Listening Skills Pack
Just what I've been looking for!

I've been looking for activities like this for ages, but anything else I've found hasn't been quite right. This is perfect for me, a PSA or a supply teacher to do with the class (and will also be good for older learners with specific issues in listening/following instructions)and it has everything, even down to a sound file with the instructions! The fact it's the computer, not the adult reading the instructions will really force the children to listen, as there can be no 'oh, can you just tell me number 3 again?' A brilliant resource, thank you.

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