The Grammar Pack - Teaching guides, activities and resources to help your children to improve their grammar!

The Grammar Gremlins are here to help your children. Use our enormous collection of teaching guides, activities and display resources!

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In this Teaching Pack...

  • One 43 Page Gremlins' Guide to Grammar - A set of child-friendly posters covering lots of different grammar topics. Use them as part of your whole class teaching work or print them and use them for independent / group research. Concepts are explained at different levels of complexity (for use with different ages and abilities) with examples to support children's understanding. Also available as a smaller set of cards for reference.
  • One Grammar Glossary - A comprehensive glossary that shares the meaning of a wide range of terms. Also includes a blank version so that your children can write their own definitions.
  • One Hundred Grammar Challenge Cards -  A huge collection of grammar activities on a handy set of printable cards. Use them as the starting point for independent activities or as extension tasks for quick finishers!
  • One Grammar Match Activity -  Cut out the grammar vocabulary cards and their definitions. Then jumble them all up and match them together again!
  • Three Grammar Checklists - Give children our handy checklists to help them check and improve their grammar whenever they are writing! Includes two different versions for lower / higher ability children.
  • Thirteen Pages of Grammar Labels - A set of labels showing different grammar vocabulary. Print them and use them on a classroom display... cut them out and ask children to write definitions of some of them... use them for sorting activities... or pick one at random and ask your pupils to write a sentence / paragraph that includes that feature.
  • Four Grammar Crosswords and Wordsearches - A set of crosswords and wordsearches to help your children review a range of grammar vocabulary!
  • Twenty-Four Display Banners and Posters - Decorate your classroom with our collection of educational posters and display banners.

Click on the thumbnails below to view samples of resources from The Grammar Pack. Don't forget to look at our Punctuation Pack too!

The Grammar Pack The Grammar Pack The Grammar Pack The Grammar Pack

The Grammar Pack The Grammar Pack The Grammar Pack The Grammar Pack

The Grammar Pack The Grammar Pack The Grammar Pack The Grammar Pack

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 25 reviews
by Natalie on The Grammar Pack
Grammar Gremlins

A bright and colourful pack full of display materials. I have blown some of A4 posters/definition cards up to form a revision board. The challenge cards form part of the display and can be dipped into as a filler during registration or at the start of a reading session as a quick revision.

by Leanne Dodd on The Grammar Pack
Grammar Pack

An excellent resource to support the class on tips and tricks to writing. Displaying around the class is a fun and colourful way to remind us of our grammar focus. The grammar checklist has been well used in our classroom to ensure the children extend their writing capabilities. Thank you Teaching Packs!

by Talin on The Grammar Pack
Grammar Pack

So many thing to do in one pack. My favourite was the checklist. Well thought out. Well done!

by Roseline Landsberg on The Grammar Pack
Grammar Pack

An excellent resource. The pupils in my class thoroughly enjoyed using the worksheets and asked for more.

by Nickie Beal on The Grammar Pack
Grammar Pack

I laminated and used all the banners on the wall throughout the year, referring to them on a daily basis. The children got used to looking for the 'grammar gremlin' which I moved around to to different banners depending on which skill we were practising. The children found them very appealing and they really made a difference year. Thank you!

by Angela Wall on The Grammar Pack

In my new role as learning support teacher I'm helping students become more independent learners. I started using the grammar pack because it was simple easy bright and colourful. These year 5 kids enjoyed the activities that are designed in the pack. It has now become part of our literacy rotations in the morning. Now that these guys are independent. Looking at introducing the narrative pack this term.

by Sebastian Gruenwald on The Grammar Pack
Grammar Pack

Hi have used this pack throughout my training and now as an NQT. It not only allows me as teacher to get a quick overview of different grammatical terms but also provides amazing resources for the classroom. At my school we use a Writing Toolkit for any writing sessions and I have found brilliant material which the children loved and even other members of staff were amazed how thorough and detailed this and other resources from Teaching Packs are.

Thank you for all the hard work!!!! It makes life as a teacher a lot easier!!

by Rowena Te Huia-Holmes on The Grammar Pack
Grammar Gremlins

I have found this pack to be extremely helpful in our Grade 3 class, have laminated and will be using them as a quick revision throughout the year...Thank You

by Jayne Brookes-Clayton on The Grammar Pack
Whole Site

Sick of scouring the internet for hours and coming up with nothing? Fed up watching your work-lofe balance thump heavily down on the side of work as you engage in sometimes frustrating battle with your computer in order to make some stimulating resources to engage your class, something to make what is becoming an ever more arid curriculum more palatable? The treat yourself to a subscription to Teaching Packs; get super resources and display materials and get some of your life back too. Plus, after-subscription TLC in the form of non-pushy but useful communication and information, and a listening ear - I was gratified to find that after asking if they could develop more interactive Grammar resources they informed me they were working on them and I see that they are now available!

by Melanie on The Grammar Pack
Grammar Pack

The Grammar Pack is fantastic. At first I was a little overwhelmed with how much was in it, but I used it bit by bit to get started. I teach high school students with low literacy and numeracy so it is difficult to get resources that are not too 'young' for them but still have the building blocks to help them to understand grammar.

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