The Grammar Pack - Teaching guides, activities and resources to help your children to improve their grammar!

The Grammar Gremlins are here to help your children. Use our enormous collection of teaching guides, activities and display resources!

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In this Teaching Pack…

  • One 43 Page Gremlins’ Guide to Grammar – A set of child-friendly posters covering lots of different grammar topics. Use them as part of your whole class teaching work or print them and use them for independent / group research. Concepts are explained at different levels of complexity (for use with different ages and abilities) with examples to support children’s understanding. Also available as a smaller set of cards for reference.
  • One Grammar Glossary – A comprehensive glossary that shares the meaning of a wide range of terms. Also includes a blank version so that your children can write their own definitions.
  • One Hundred Grammar Challenge Cards – A huge collection of grammar activities on a handy set of printable cards. Use them as the starting point for independent activities or as extension tasks for quick finishers!
  • One Grammar Match Activity – Cut out the grammar vocabulary cards and their definitions. Then jumble them all up and match them together again!
  • Three Grammar Checklists – Give children our handy checklists to help them check and improve their grammar whenever they are writing! Includes two different versions for lower / higher ability children.
  • Thirteen Pages of Grammar Labels – A set of labels showing different grammar vocabulary. Print them and use them on a classroom display… cut them out and ask children to write definitions of some of them… use them for sorting activities… or pick one at random and ask your pupils to write a sentence / paragraph that includes that feature.
  • Four Grammar Crosswords and Wordsearches – A set of crosswords and wordsearches to help your children review a range of grammar vocabulary!
  • Twenty-Four Display Banners and Posters – Decorate your classroom with our collection of educational posters and display banners.

Watch the video below to view samples of resources from the Grammar Pack.


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The Grammar Pack
Average rating:  
 37 reviews
 by Rena Whitu
Grammar Pack

I enjoyed using this pack as it helped my students.

 by Margaret Gregg
Just what you need in Year 6

In y6 we need good quality materials that are easy to access. I teach a lot of SPaG coming up for SATs. Teaching Packs resources are easy to use and are adaptable to your own needs. It's a good pack for keeping all the vocabulary in the air at one time in an interesting way! Most of these kinds of resources on the market are boring and repetitive but the class gained a lot from using these resources.

 by Becky
Fantastic Help!

I'm new to this site, and needed some help with a resource - I asked for something in a different font and within a day, I'd been sent just that.

Thank you so much - I'm enjoying getting to know your site and its resources


The pictures on this pack could be improved from my point of view.
Anyway it is excellent.

 by Arsia

I love this pack and it has really helped to close the gaps in learning especially in year 6!

 by Dawn Farr
grammar pack

This pack has been great for my rotational groups and writing centre. The checklists were easy to use and allowed the students to self regulate their work. Thank you.

 by Eve Watts
Practical resource

Can't wait to incorporate this 'pack' into my student workshops. The checklists look very handy and easy for the kids to use.

 by Rowan
Grammar Pack

A terrific resource! My favourite thing is the Grammar Guide. It is so incredibly useful! Any time I want to teach something - pronouns, tenses, prepositions, clauses (things which I understand how to use, but am sometimes not very clear on exactly how or why I use them) I just open the Grammar Pack, and there it all is!

 by alison willmot
Teaching Packs

I am new to this website and absolutely love it! What useful resources for all teachers; especially if, like me, you are returning after a while away from the classroom or if you are in the formative years of your career. Starting out is daunting at any age and stage so thank you so much for all your hard work on our behalf!

 by Glynis Martin
Child-friendly resource

My school requires that we create a study pack for the pupils in preparation for the exams. The Grammar Gremlins Pack has cut out a great deal of the slog work for me because the grammatical terms we learned this year are covered in this pack - no need to reinvent the wheel. Thank you ever so much for making my job easier.

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