The Coordinates Pack

Help your children to explore the wonderful word of coordinates with our bumper pack of teaching, activity and classroom display resources!

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In this Teaching Pack…

  • One Fourteen Page Coordinates Guide – A handy guide to coordinates, quadrants, reflection, rotation, translation, compass directions and more! Use this resource as a whole class teaching tool, for guided sessions with small groups or as display resources on your classroom walls.
  • Four Sets of Dewtown Map Challenges – Explore these maps of a fictional town and ask your children to answer the coordinates challenges that accompany them!
  • Twelve ‘Finding Points’ Challenges – Can your children identify the locations of the points in each coordinate grid? Available at a variety of difficulty levels with one and four quadrants.
  • Twelve ‘Plotting Points’ Activity Sheets – Challenge your students to plot the points on each coordinate grid (available with one and four quadrants).
  • Six ‘Plotting Lines’ Challenges – These activity sheets ask children to plot the points and join them to produce a line. Available at a range of difficulty levels, with one and four quadrants.
  • Two Missing Corners Challenges – Ask your children to find the coordinates of the missing corners on each shape. Two versions are available (with a one quadrant and a four quadrant grid).
  • Two Line Midpoints Challenges – Can your children find the midpoints of each line? Available on a one quadrant and a four quadrant grid, with answers for teachers.
  • Two Sets of Shape Reflection Questions – A collection of coordinate grids with shapes and mirror lines to test your children’s reflection skills.
  • Two Sets of Shape Rotation Questions – Can your children rotate the shapes around the point shown on each coordinate grid?
  • Two Sets of Shape Translation Questions – Coordinate grids with a selection of shapes that your children should move into different positions.
  • One Set of Invisible Grids Challenges – A collection of coordinate challenges with invisible gridlines. Can your children use the information on each grid to work out the coordinates of the given points?
  • Five Coordinate Grid Templates – A set of printable templates that your children can use to create their own coordinate grids (and related problems).
  • Three Squared Paper Templates – Printable squared paper (in a variety of sizes) that your children can use to create their own coordinate grids.
  • Four Display Resources – A collection of banners and posters that you can use on the display boards in your classroom.

Watch the video below to view samples of resources from the Coordinates Pack.


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The Coordinates Pack
Average rating:  
 12 reviews
 by Sean

I love this pack and keep coming back to it for its nice resources. I think the Dewtown Map resource is amazing!

 by Kelly
The Coordinates Pack

Fantastic resource for teaching coordinates, has everything covered to complete the topic. Made coordinates fun to learn and my class really enjoyed this topic. Thanks Teaching Packs.

 by michelle
Coordinates - Such Fun

Who could have known that learning about coordinates was as much fun as this pack gives. My children loved using the map and finding where they needed to be. They even related it to being like the map on Eastenders! The work certainly grabbed their attention. Another successful pack

 by Rebecca

First pack i have downloaded and I must say I am impressed with the quality and quantity of resources available.

Fantastic coordinates pack, my class will love it. Thanks

 by Rochelle
Coordinates Pack

The class loved the Dewtown examples. They were fully engaged in finding and plotting points and there was lots of debate when they got things wrong! This pack made the planning of this unit easy.Thanks for a great pack.

 by Kathy Turley
Coordinates Pack

I loved this pack. It has saved me heaps of time in lesson preparation. The class loved the poster display that I was able to make using the pack. Great differentiation for all the class. Thanks for the pack - another great one!

 by Tina Ivamy
The Coordinates Pack

This pack was great for children to practise plotting points. Great for Multi level groups as targeted the needs of individual students within a group. Children really enjoyed using this resource.

 by Anna Low
Co-ordinates Pack

I was browsing for some interesting end of term co-ordinates resources for a mixed age class and came across your site. The activities are interesting, differentiated and of high quality - saved me a lot of time and the children loved them. Have already got place value pack activities planned in for new school year. Thank you.

 by Lesley McFarlane Welsh
Suggestions for graphs

Just signed up and SO impressed by the outstanding quality, creativity and the range of differentiation in all of the maths packs. May I suggest a couple of ideas? The four quadrant graphs need zeros at the intersection of the axes, co-ordinates don't need equal signs just A(4,7) and the x and y labels are usually placed at the right hand and top of the axes. Looking forward to using all the maths packs. Thank you for superb resources!

 by Julie Gray
The Coordinates Pack

Just love this pack - gives a wide variety of activities to both introduce, revise and extend the children. Also good to use on interactive whiteboard.

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