The Narrative Writing Pack

The Narrative Writing Pack is bursting with educational posters, activities and display resources to help your children to write amazing stories!

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In this Teaching Pack…

  • Fifteen Narrative Writing Posters – Help your children to learn all about the features of narrative writing with our eye-catching posters. They can be used as a whole class teaching tool, as an independent reference tool or on your classroom displays. The posters are also available in a smaller card format.
  • Two Narrative Writing Table Mats – A single page that outlines the features of narrative writing. Use it as a table mat (for children to refer to during their writing activities) or display it in your classroom! Two versions are included for use with younger / older students.
  • Three Quizzes – Review your children’s knowledge of this topic by using this quiz. It’s available as two printable quiz sheets or as an interactive PowerPoint presentation.
  • Three Narrative Writing Checklists – Give your children a copy of our handy checklists while they are planning, drafting, writing and improving their narrative writing.
  • Ten Describing Characters Resources – The resource sheets can be used to help your children describe different aspects of the characters in their story. Multiple versions of the resources are available for younger / older students.
  • Three ‘Planning Characters’ Templates – Three different templates to help your children to think about the characters that they are going to use in their narrative writing. Each template includes space for a picture – why not use the Characters Cards from our Writing Prompts pack?
  • Twenty Settings Vocabulary Resources – A selection of words and phrases that can be used to describe ten different settings. A fantastic reference tool for your children’s writing!
  • Three ‘Planning Settings’ Templates – Encourage your children to think about the settings for their narrative writing with these planning templates. Three different templates are available, with space for a picture (which could come from the Settings Cards in our Writing Prompts pack).
  • Four Planning Narrative Writing Templates – A set of planning templates to help your children work out the characters, setting and plot of their stories.
  • One Writing Process Poster – A poster that outlines five steps in the writing process. Share this with your class as they progress through each step of their narrative writing.
  • Sixty Story Openings – Can your children sort the story openings into different groups (and then write their own examples) or use these as the starting point for their own narrative writing?
  • Thirty-Six Story Endings – Sort the story endings into different groups or use them in your own writing!
  • Ninety-Six Story Cards – A set of cards showing different characters, settings, objects and plot ideas. Shuffle the cards, choose some at random and use them as the starting point for a piece of writing or as a storytelling activity in pairs, groups or as a class.
  • Forty-Eight ‘Pick a Problem’ Cards – A huge collection of ideas for ‘problems’ to include within your children’s stories. How will your students choose to resolve each problem?
  • Sixty-Four One Word Titles – A set of cards, each of which contains a single word. Use them as the starting point for narrative writing in lots of different ways, using the included list of teaching ideas!
  • Eight Display Banners – Printable banners to add to your classroom displays as your children learn about different aspects of narrative writing.

Alternative versions of many of these resources are also included in the pack. These are intended for use with older learners. They have similar content, but do not include the animal characters. Watch the video below to view samples of resources from the Narrative Writing Pack.


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The Narrative Writing Pack
Average rating:  
 42 reviews
 by Sharon
Narrative Writing Pack

This is a great pack of information! Lots of great tools to help students organize and plan their work. I also love all of the vocabulary posters!

 by Kelly O'Neill
Narrative Writing Packs

I use these writing genre packs all the time. My children love them and they are clear and concise as memory joggers for all the ingredients that make a brilliant piece of writing!! Thank you!!

 by Aurora

I love these resources!! they are so clear and practical to be used in the classroom, and I love the checklists. Thanks a lot!

 by Becky
Fantastic base to begin!

I love your graphics and all the ideas, would be great if some PDFs were in fonts that my SEND children can decipher better but I'm so impressed by the all of the packs I have downloaded so far. Thank you!

 by Kaz
The Natrative Pack

The absolute go to for Narrative writing lessons . Great starting point can be differentiated to suit multi ages . Amazing clear graphics that appeal to the students and more important me😊

 by Christine WILKINSON
Very useful resource pack

A very useful resource which gives lots of handy tips on improving creative writing. A very clear power point guide.

 by Diana Salerno
writing packs

Great resources, presentation is awesome, content is varied and creative, real time savers !

 by Manvi

Awesome resources

 by Mary Mc Goey
Super Resource

I am really looking forward to using this resource with my students. It is so varied and comprehensive. There are prompts and activities to suit all ages and abilities making differentiation so easy. Definitely worth downloading!

 by Maria Laura

An incredible resource that has helped my kids write better stories.

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