The Christmas Pack

The Christmas Pack includes an enormous set of classroom activities and teaching resources to use throughout the festive season. These include writing prompts, early morning activities, puzzles, games and more!

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In this Teaching Pack…

  • Twenty-Four Christmas Countdown Mats – A handy collection of pages that children can complete every day in December (before Christmas). Solve the Maths challenges, finish the puzzle, try the ‘Did you know?’ activity and answer the questions based on the provided picture prompt.
  • Fifteen Christmas Mindfulness Mats – A set of printable pages that children can use to develop their mindfulness over the Christmas period.
  • Fifteen Christmas Mindfulness Colouring Pages – A collection of images that children can colour, at different levels of difficulty.
  • Six Christmas Drawing Challenges – Follow the instructions to complete the Christmas pictures!
  • Seven ‘Copy the Picture’ Tasks – Can your children copy the pattern onto the empty grid to recreate the Christmas image?
  • One Set of Christmas Joke Code Breakers – Can your children use the special code to work out the answers to these festive jokes?
  • One Christmas Quiz Game – Test your knowledge of Christmas with these quiz questions. Who will score the most points?
  • One 16-Page Christmas Guide – Learn about the history of Christmas and festive traditions by sharing our PDF and PowerPoint topic guide!
  • One 16-Page Christmas Key Facts – A simpler version of our Christmas guide for younger learners.
  • One Christmas Video Guide – A video to give your children an overview of this topic!
  • One Christmas Video Review – What did your children learn by watching our Christmas video? Find out by asking them to record their thoughts on this template.
  • One Christmas Video Comprehension – A set of comprehension questions linked to the Christmas video guide.
  • Three KWL Sheets – What do your children already know about Christmas? What do they want to find out? What did they learn by the end of your topic?
  • Twelve Christmas Around the World Cards – Learn how Christmas is celebrated in different countries around the world with these printable reference cards!
  • One Set of Christmas Follow Me Cards – Challenge your children to work together to match the festive questions with the answers.
  • Ten ‘Christmas Headlines’ Resources – Can your students write Christmas newspaper articles based on these headlines? A blank set is also included so that you can write your own headlines.
  • One ‘True or False?’ Activity – Can your children identify which Christmas facts are true and which ones are false?
  • Four Christmas Anagrams Resources – Can your children make new words using the letters in the Christmas words that have been provided? Who can make the most new words?
  • Five Mazes – Challenge your children to help the characters find their way through each festive maze!
  • Twenty Christmas Picture Word Banks – Ask your children to think of nouns, adjectives, verbs and adverbs to describe each Christmas image. The empty box at the bottom can then be used to write a sentence, paragraph, story opening or poem!
  • Eight Puzzles – A variety of seasonal puzzles, including ‘Spot the Differences’, Colour by Numbers’ and crosswords.
  • Six Christmas Story Dice – A fantastic resource for storytelling and writing activities. Roll one of the dice and add the chosen character / object / location to your Christmas story!
  • One Christmas Story Generator – Roll a die four times to generate the ‘Who’, ‘What’, ‘When’ and ‘Where’ of a Christmas story… and then tell your story to a friend or write it down!
  • Ten Christmas Colouring Pages – Ten printable colouring pages that show a variety of Christmas scenes.
  • Four ‘Letters to Santa’ Templates – A set of templates that your children can use to write their letters to Father Christmas!
  • Ten Present Nets – A set of cube and cuboid nets that your children can use to construct their own Christmas presents! Available in a variety of styles, including a blank version that children can decorate using their own designs.
  • Five Design a Christmas Jumper Activities – Can your class design some Christmas jumpers for these four children? Also includes a version without a head so that your students can draw their own… or print a digital photo of their own head and use it instead!
  • Fifteen Christmas Story Starters – Fifteen writing prompts that your children can use to write their own Christmas stories!
  • Five Christmas Sentence Investigators – Read Santa’s sentence and then answer the related questions (or try the challenges).
  • One ‘Santa’s Spellings’ Game – Can you help Eddie the Elf collect his spelling lists on his way to a spelling test from Santa?
  • Twelve Versions of the Nativity Story – Use our exclusive story resources to teach children about the story of the Nativity. A number of versions are available, allowing you to use the story in lots of different ways. Includes variations in text difficulty, coloured / black and white versions, large posters / small story cards and blank versions so that children can write their own text to match the pictures.
  • Thirty Christmas Early Morning Activities – A set of cross-curricular Christmas activities to use at the start of the day… or as extension activities in your classroom.
  • Twelve ‘Christmas Around the World’ Posters – Learn about Christmas traditions in different countries using our handy posters. Let children use them for reference or make a classroom display with them.
  • Twenty-Five Christmas Vocabulary Cards – Printable cards (in large and small versions) with a wide range of Christmas vocabulary. Use them on a class display, for classroom activities (can the children explain how they are connected to Christmas?) or for reference when children are writing.
  • Sixteen ‘Merry Christmas’ Language Labels – A set of labels showing how to say ‘Merry Christmas’ in sixteen different languages.
  • Five Writing Prompts – A selection of Christmas-themed prompts to encourage creative writing.
  • Five Christmas Acrostic Poem Templates – Can your children use these resources to make some Christmas acrostic poems?
  • One Candy Canes and Paper Chains Game – A festive version of Snakes and Ladders for your children to play. We have also created a blank game board so that children can create their own Christmas version of this popular game.
  • One Santas and Snowmen Game – A Christmas-themed version of ‘Noughts and Crosses’ to play. Let children play our version and then challenge them to make their own with other Christmas characters!
  • Four Christmas Cards – Black and white Christmas card templates for children to decorate and send to a friend!
  • Three Christmas Word Searches – Help children to review different sets of Christmas vocabulary in our word searches.

Christmas Teaching Pack

If you’re looking for other festive resources, make sure that you download our Christmas Maths Pack and Christmas Crafts Pack!


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The Christmas Pack
Average rating:  
 42 reviews
 by Jackie King
Christmas Pack

Used again this year. Used the word searches to cement Christmas vocabulary for EAL students.

 by Karen Harper
Christmas bundle

Held a Christmas camp last year for Scouts and this was a huge success.
Using resources again this year for same thing.
Looking forward to seeing everyone, including Leaders, joining in and having lots of fun.

 by Karen Harper
Christmas pack

Used this at a Cub Camp/sleepover alongside other resources.
Cubs loved the activities as it kept them busy during freetime

 by Noreen
Love the resources

Wow. Superb resources, well done! A lot of work has gone in to creating these unique resources. Much appreciated, I know my 2nd class will love them.

 by Karen
Good resource but one suggestion

I love this resource as I do all the packs. However, I was a bit disappointed that you don't have a PPT with the history of Christmas and its traditions. You only have the nativity story. In your other event packs you cover the history and traditions really well. The Christmas around the world cards are good. Would it be possible to include a PPT in your pack with specific information as to the origins of Christmas and why it is celebrated on December 25. The history is quite fascinating. Thank you for all you do. Many of your packs have sparked great debates and wonderful teaching moments.

Thanks for your lovely review, Karen. We are putting together a new Christmas Guide PowerPoint, and it should be available in the next few days.

 by Trish

Love the variety and the fact I have a very mixed ability class, it fits across them all. Thank you

 by Vicki Eadie
An literal lifesaver

This pack, along with the Christmas Maths Pack has been a lifesaver for me this week. I am a 1:1 tutor teaching across the primary age range and the amazing resources have helped me out. They are differentiated, original, appealing and have captured the imagination of the wonderful children I teach. I particularly like the Christmas writing activities as they have been very useful in encouraging my reluctant writers. Thank you so much!

 by Michelle Cox
Fanastic resource

Can't wait to try this with my class. Lots of great ideas.

 by Lucy
Fantastic pack

This pack is fantastic.
It included a wide range of activities that would suit quite a large age range.
I home educate my 4 children and this pack kept us busy for most of December.
Well done!

 by Sasha Jackson
Christmas Fun

A great and fun filled pack for Christmas. We home educate and really enjoyed using these resources and activities. How Xmas is celebrated differently around the world is interesting for children to learn. The crafts were the most used and we would enjoy more resources of this type.

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