The Christmas Pack

The Christmas Pack includes an enormous set of classroom activities and teaching resources to use throughout the festive season. These include writing prompts, Maths challenges, craft activities, puzzles, games and more!

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In this Teaching Pack…

  • One ‘Elf Yourself’ Template – Cut out and decorate these templates and then print a photo of your face. Then put it all together to turn yourself into an elf! A ‘Santa’ template is also available.
  • Twelve Christmas Around the World Cards – Learn how Christmas is celebrated in different countries around the world with these printable reference cards!
  • One Set of Christmas Follow Me Cards – Challenge your children to work together to match the festive questions with the answers.
  • Four Sets of ‘Shopalot Christmas Gift Shop’ Challenges – Ask your students to use the information in this online shop to solve the differentiated Maths questions. Available at four different levels of difficulty, with answers for teachers too.
  • Ten ‘Christmas Headlines’ Resources – Can your students write Christmas newspaper articles based on these headlines? A blank set is also included so that you can write your own headlines.
  • One Christmas ‘True or False?’ Activity – Can your children identify which Christmas facts are true and which ones are false?
  • Seven Christmas Crafts – A collection of Christmas craft ideas with easy instructions to follow and printable templates to use!
  • Two Sets of ‘Santa’s Christmas Travels’ Challenges – These distance-time graphs show Santa’s distance from the North Pole on Christmas Eve. Can your children use the graphs to work out the answers to our questions? Available at two different levels of difficulty.
  • Three Christmas Logic Problems – A set of differentiated logic problems with a Christmas theme. Can your children use the clues to complete the table at the bottom of each page?
  • Thirteen Pages of ‘Christmas Tree Tables’ – Can your children review their knowledge of different multiplication tables by filling in the baubles on the Christmas tree? Includes sheets for every times table from 1x to 12x with a blank version, so that you can add others too!
  • Four Christmas Anagrams Resources – Can your children make new words using the letters in the Christmas words that have been provided? Who can make the most new words?
  • Four ‘Christmas Number Box’ Activity Sheets – Challenge your students to work out the values of the Christmas pictures in these differentiated Maths challenges!
  • Five Christmas Mazes – Challenge your children to help the characters find their way through each festive maze!
  • Twenty Christmas Picture Word Banks – Ask your children to think of nouns, adjectives, verbs and adverbs to describe each Christmas image. The empty box at the bottom can then be used to write a sentence, paragraph, story opening or poem!
  • Eight Christmas Puzzles – A variety of seasonal puzzles, including ‘Spot the Differences’, Colour by Numbers’ and crosswords.
  • Eight Christmas Dot to Dots – ‘Dot to dot’ pictures with a Christmas theme. Available at a variety of difficulty levels.
  • Six Christmas Story Dice – A fantastic resource for story telling and writing activities. Roll one of the dice and add the chosen character / object / location to your Christmas story!
  • One Christmas Story Generator – Roll a die four times to generate the ‘Who’, ‘What’, ‘When’ and ‘Where’ of a Christmas story… and then tell your story to a friend or write it down!
  • Ten Christmas Colouring Pages – Ten printable colouring pages that show a variety of Christmas scenes.
  • Four ‘Letters to Santa’ Templates – A set of templates that your children can use to write their letters to Father Christmas!
  • Four Christmas Sudoku Challenges – A set of differentiated Sudoku challenges for your children to try!
  • Forty Maths Challenge Cards – A collection of festive Maths challenges that your students can explore.
  • Four ‘Christmas Picture Coordinates’ Resources – Four festive images with a coordinate grid printed on the top. Can your children make up coordinates problems using them?
  • Four Christmas Present Maths Activity Sheets – Can your children calculate the area and perimeter of these rectangles and compound shapes? Includes answers for teachers.
  • One Christmas Tree Angles Challenge – Ask your students to estimate / measure the indicated angles on this Christmas tree!
  • Ten Christmas Present Nets – A set of cube and cuboid nets that your children can use to construct their own Christmas presents! Available in a variety of styles, including a blank version that children can decorate using their own designs.
  • Five Design a Christmas Jumper Activities – Can your class design some Christmas jumpers for these four children? Also includes a version without a head so that your students can draw their own… or print a digital photo of their own head and use it instead!
  • Fifteen Christmas Story Starters – Fifteen writing prompts that your children can use to write their own Christmas stories!
  • Four Pages of Christmas Co-ordinates – Create four Christmas pictures by colouring the correct spaces on the grid! Includes answers for teachers and self-checking.
  • Four Pages of Missing Presents Activities – Santa has lost the presents at different locations on the grid. Can your children find them for him? Includes answers.
  • Twelve Versions of the Nativity Story – Use our exclusive story resources to teach children about the story of the Nativity. A number of versions are available, allowing you to use the story in lots of different ways. Includes variations in text difficulty, coloured / black and white versions, large posters / small story cards and blank versions so that children can write their own text to match the pictures.
  • Thirty Christmas Early Morning Activities – A set of cross-curricular Christmas activities to use at the start of the day… or as extension activities in your classroom.
  • Twelve ‘Christmas Around the World’ Posters – Learn about Christmas traditions in different countries using our handy posters. Let children use them for reference or make a classroom display with them.
  • Twenty-Five Christmas Vocabulary Cards – Printable cards (in large and small versions) with a wide range of Christmas vocabulary. Use them on a class display, for classroom activities (can the children explain how they are connected to Christmas?) or for reference when children are writing.
  • Sixteen ‘Merry Christmas’ Language Labels – A set of labels showing how to say ‘Merry Christmas’ in sixteen different languages.
  • Five Writing Prompts – A selection of Christmas-themed prompts to encourage creative writing.
  • Five Christmas Acrostic Poem Templates – Can your children use these resources to make some Christmas acrostic poems?
  • One Candy Canes and Paper Chains Game – A festive version of Snakes and Ladders for your children to play. We have also created a blank game board, so that children can create their own Christmas version of this popular game.
  • One Santas and Snowmen Game – A Christmas-themed version of ‘Noughts and Crosses’ to play. Let children play our version and then challenge them to make their own with other Christmas characters!
  • Six Special Deliveries Maths Challenges – Can your pupils help Santa to colour his map, by following the different mathematical clues? Six differentiated maps are available with lots of related challenge cards. A blank one is also included so you and your pupils can make some too!
  • Ten Christmas Gift Shop Maths Problems – Challenge your pupils with our Christmas Maths problems. Three different sets of questions are included for different ages and abilities with questions using pounds, dollars and euros. A blank version is also included so you can set appropriate questions… or the children could create questions for each other!
  • Five Christmas Picture Outlines – Outlines of five Christmas pictures (Angel, Reindeer, Snowman, Stocking and Christmas Tree) that children can decorate themselves using different art materials… or to make Christmas shape poems inside!
  • Four Christmas Cards – Black and white Christmas card templates for children to decorate and send to a friend!
  • Three Christmas Wordsearches – Help children to review different sets of Christmas vocabulary in our wordsearches.

Watch the video below to view samples of resources from the Christmas Pack.

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The Christmas Pack
Average rating:  
 34 reviews
by Lucy on The Christmas Pack
Fantastic pack

This pack is fantastic.
It included a wide range of activities that would suit quite a large age range.
I home educate my 4 children and this pack kept us busy for most of December.
Well done!

by Sasha Jackson on The Christmas Pack
Christmas Fun

A great and fun filled pack for Christmas. We home educate and really enjoyed using these resources and activities. How Xmas is celebrated differently around the world is interesting for children to learn. The crafts were the most used and we would enjoy more resources of this type.

by laura avery on The Christmas Pack

Fabulous, Crafting, fun and learning all in one go! I'd give you 10 stars for this one if I could x

by Heather Lear on The Christmas Pack
Just what I needed!

An excellent set of resources for this busy time of year. Takes a lot of stress out of looking for suitable activities. They all look attractive and are motivational to students.

by Justina Willott on The Christmas Pack
Top Class

Amazing quality, awesome pack. Just sooooo much for the students to do.

by Grace McLellan on The Christmas Pack
Christmas Pack

Fantastic resource that allowed all pupils to participate. The children loved the booklets and couldn't wait to take it home.

by Marian on The Christmas Pack

Yesterday, I renewed my membership. Steve, my husband commented " I can't believe that you get all those wonderful resources for a whole year, for so little!"

I would just like to say a huge 'thank you' to you both, for all your hard work, dedication and creativity with all the resources that you provide for us all. Once more, I 'spring cleaned' all my Christmas resources for this year, when I saw what you were offering!

by Mary on The Christmas Pack
Christmas Pack

Wonderful pack.
2 minor details
The Irish tradition includes a seed cake which I've never heard of as a tradition.
The Irish translation of Happy Christmas is Nollaig Shona duit.

Thanks for your review Mary. I have just updated those resources based on your feedback.

by Ruth on The Christmas Pack

Love this pack. Went through it and found so many things that I can use with my class of 7 year olds. Their favourite are the logic problems and maths challenges. A great way to introduce the lesson. Thanks

by Corrina on The Christmas Pack

I love the fact you added in the Christmas story. Not too many Christmas packs have things relating to this.
thank you

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