The Maths Games Pack

Expand your children’s Maths skills with our bumper pack of games, puzzles and activities! It includes a huge collection of printable materials, game instructions, ideas and more!

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In this Teaching Pack…

  • Activities:
    • Eight Sets of Calculation Strips – Choose a sheet and cut out the strips of paper. Then jumble them up and ask your children to put them back together in the correct order!
    • One Set of ‘Can you make…?’ Cards – Give your children a copy of the digit cards included in this resource and then challenge them to make numbers matching the criteria shown on the other cards. Can they make a two digit number, a prime number or a number between 1000 and 5000?
    • Two ‘Multiplication / Division Dice’ Challenges – Use dice to generate numbers and then multiply or divide them by 10, 100 and 1000!
    • Fifteen ‘Find the…’ Challenges – Ask your students to find twenty different calculations in each of these grids!
    • Thirty-Two Pages of Flashcards – Sets of printable flashcards with addition, subtraction, multiplication and division calculations (at a range of difficulty levels). Show children a flashcard and ask them to answer the question as quickly as possible, give children a number of cards to answer independently or let your pupils work together to solve them.
    • Twenty-Nine Sets of Matching Cards – A large selection of cards that can be used for matching games (e.g. Matching Pairs) or sorting / grouping activities.
  • Games:
    • One ‘Angles Birds’ Game – Will your children be able to get the birds to fly into the targets by estimating and measuring the correct angles? Includes instructions, scorecards, answers, four differentiated game boards and two blank boards (so that your students can add their own targets).
    • One Game of Bug Busters – Improve your children’s knowledge of mathematical vocabulary with this game! Can they make a connection of coloured hexagons to help the bees (or fleas) reach the other side?
    • Three Games of Coordinate Battleships – Review your children’s understanding of coordinates with this popular game! Available in three different formats.
    • Three ‘Number Detectives’ Games – Can your children work out the secret agent’s mystery number by asking clues about its properties? This game is available at three different levels of difficulty.
    • Thirty ‘First to 40’ Challenges – Who will be the person to answer question number 40 correctly? This two player game is available at a wide range of difficulty levels, covering number bonds, addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.
    • Fifteen ‘Four in a Row’ Games – Can your children use the numbers to make addition / subtraction / multiplication calculations and make a row of four answers on the grid?
    • One ‘Race to Space’ Game – Answer Maths questions to help your alien become the first to reach the UFO in space! Three sets of questions are included at different levels of difficulty.
    • Fifteen Bingo Games – Complete sets of Bingo games with printable cards and ready-made clues, covering addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, decimals and percentages.
    • Four Sets of Bingo Cards – Play Bingo with these printable game cards!
    • Four Sets of Maths Dominoes – Play the traditional game of dominoes with a Maths theme!
    • Sixty Sets of Follow Me Cards – Cut out the cards and share them amongst the children in your class. Ask a child to read their question and the child with the answer should shout it out and then read the question on their card. Continue like this until you have answered all thirty two questions!
    • Two Number Hunting Challenges – Ask your children to look at the grids and find the numbers that match the clues provided. Who will answer all of the questions first?
    • Two Sets of Snap Cards – Play snap and match the equivalent numbers, fractions, decimals and percentages!
    • Two ‘Penguin Peril’ Games – Can your children help Paddy the penguin rescue his chick by counting from 0 to -75? This game includes a game board, a printable die, instructions and negative number questions to answer. An alternative version is also available with positive numbers.
    • Twelve ‘Steps to Stardom’ Challenges – These differentiated resources challenge children to reach the stars by solving a range of maths calculations, including addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, decimals, fractions and percentages.
  • Card Games:
    • Three ‘Big Differences’ Games – Can your children use their subtraction skills to make the biggest differences possible?
    • Two ‘Card Calculations’ Games – This game is available at two different levels of difficulty and challenges children to use their addition, subtraction, multiplication and division skills at the same time!
    • One Game of ‘Dinky Decimals’ – Can your children use cards to generate the smallest decimal number?
    • One ‘Fractions Face Off’ Game – Generate fractions and compare their sizes in this card game for children! A handy fraction wall is also included for reference.
    • One Game of ‘Making Ten’ – An easy card game that helps children to practise their number bonds to 10. Who will be the winner?
    • One Game of ‘Place Value Points’ – Review your children’s place value and rounding skills with this pair and small group game.
    • Two ‘Rapid Recall’ Games – A fast-paced card game that lets children show off their knowledge of multiplication tables!
    • Two ‘Snappy Sums’ Games – This card game requires children to add several numbers at a time and is available at two different levels of difficulty.
    • One Game of ‘Thirty One’ – This two player game helps children with their addition skills and requires strategy and tactical thinking too!
    • Three ‘Top Totals’ Games – Who will make the highest total from the number cards? Available at three different levels of difficulty.
  • Puzzles:
    • Four ‘Number Box’ Puzzles – Challenge your students to work out the values of the pictures in these differentiated Maths challenges!
    • Twenty Pages of Sudoku problems – Sets of Sudoku puzzles to test your puzzle solving skills!
    • Twenty-Eight ‘Dot to Dots’ – Challenge your children to complete the pictures by counting up and drawing on these printables!
    • Sixteen Maths Jigsaws – Cut out these jigsaws and use your Maths skills to put them back together correctly!
    • Eighteen ‘Cross Numbers’ – Solve the calculations and then write the answers in the correct places in the grid. These are just like crosswords but with Maths calculations instead of word clues! Fifteen different versions are available and answers are included too.
    • Six Logic Problems – Can your children use the clues provided to work out the answers?
    • Four Sets of Maths Mazes – Can your children solve the Maths questions and find their way through these mazes?
  • Templates:
    • Seventeen Dice Templates – Different types of printable dice that can be used for a wide variety of games. These are available with different sets of numbers, shapes and mathematical symbols. Blank versions are also included so that you can write on your own digits / labels.

Watch the video below to view samples of resources from the Maths Games Pack.


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The Maths Games Pack
Average rating:  
 19 reviews
 by Sue Wade
Brilliant Maths Resource

As a casual teacher it is often difficult to engage all students in maths lessons, but the games in this pack have that issue completely sorted. The variety of topics covered is extensive, and the differentiation within the activities caters for a broad ability level. The students love the activities and their motivation to participate has made my work easier and more enjoyable. Thank you!

 by Kristine Duncan
Fantastic Resource

This is a fantastic resource....I printed this pack off and laminated them for reuse on the classroom. Love how they are differentiated and can be used be used across stages and also as challenges. Thank you.

 by Sarah Kennedy
Fabulous resource

Such a fabulous resource .. so useful and engaging to maximise my students' interest in maths lessons!

 by Grant
Bulging with brilliant ideas

What an amazing pack this is. One of the best yet! There are so many great games and ideas here for a variety of ages. Easy to download, simple instructions and ready to go. I keep going back and back to this one. You won't be disappointed, download it now!

 by Karen
The Maths Games Pack

This is such a well organised pack that is useful across and within many year levels. Great for fast finishers, as a teaching tool and for differentiation. A wonderful time saver teacher resource. Thank you.

 by Anita
Games pack

Teaching a group of students with very low numeracy skills, I have found it very useful to use these games at different times to keep them motivated and eager to do more fun stuff and learn this way.

 by Ms A
Maths Games fun!

I love the maths games pack! There's so many great options and the kids really enjoyed using them. It's great that each game has a different level of difficulty.

 by Helen Turner
Four in a Row

The Maths pack looks awesome and I can't wait to get the games ready for my class. I already had a Four in a Row game from another source and am excited to see that you offer games for differing abilities. However, I did come across an error in the 20x20 Four in a Row game. I randomly multiplied 9 and 20 but could not find the answer on the grid board. Before I start printing the games off, can you please doublecheck that there are no other errors?

Many thanks


Thanks for your review Helen. The 'Four in a Row' grid does not show every possible answer. This is intentional as it means that children should try to choose numbers that multiply together to make those answers that actually appear in the grid. Hope that helps!

 by natasha butt
maths pack

I can't seem to download anything after 'time' jigsaw. Great resources and would like to download the rest.

Hi Natasha. Thanks for your review. If the download links stop working please just refresh the page and you will be able to download the files again. This is simply a security measure that deactivates the download links if you have been looking at the same page for more than 30 minutes. Reloading the page will reactivate them again for you 🙂 Mark

 by Anj
...and the resources kept coming!

Totally brilliant. I now have an organised folder for my diverse class. There's something for all those 'what now' situations. From interventions to starters to IEP / ECHP , early finishers.... I can't thank you enough. FANTASTIC.

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