The Valentine's Day Pack

Learn about Valentine’s Day in your classroom with our collection of teaching and activity resources. Includes a comprehension text, writing / drawing templates, crafts resources and more!

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In this Teaching Pack…

  • One ‘The History of Valentine’s Day’ Text – Learn about how Valentine’s day began and how it has been celebrated throughout history. This resource also includes two sets of differentiated comprehension questions.
  • Four ‘Love Is…’ Templates – What does the word ‘love’ mean to your children? Use these templates as drawing or writing activities around Valentine’s day.
  • Two ‘My Jar of Love’ Activities – What will your children draw inside their jar, to show who and what they love?
  • Three ‘The People I Love Are’ Templates – Writing and drawing templates that children can use to think about the people they love.
  • Two Love Acrostic Poem Templates – Use this template to help your children write an acrostic poem based on the word ‘Love’.
  • Eight Valentine’s Day Writing Templates – A variety of templates that your children can use for different kinds of writing on and around Valentine’s Day.
  • One Valentine’s Roll and Colour Game – A dice game for younger children. Who will be the first to roll every number from 2 to 12 and colour their hearts?
  • Four Valentine’s Day Card Templates – Templates that your children can use to make their own Valentine’s Day cards!
  • Five Heart Animal Craft Activities – Cut out the heart templates and use them to make a selection of cute animals!
  • One 10 Page Who Do We Love? Image Pack – A set of pictures that can be used on a display or as the starting point for discussions about the people and things that we love.
  • Twelve Valentine’s Colouring Pages – A collection of colouring pages, at different levels of complexity, to use on and around Valentine’s Day.

The Valentine's Day Pack


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The Valentine's Day Pack
Average rating:  
 2 reviews
 by Gwen McNally
Great reading comp but mistake needs correcting

My students here is Spain loved the reading comprehension but all pointed out, St Valentine’s Day in South America is El Día de los Enamorados.

Thanks for your review, Gwen. I have just correct the mistake in the text.

 by Rowan
A delightful selection of resources!

Mark and Helen have done a terrific job! Honestly, left to my own devices I would have had difficulty thinking up things for children to do to celebrate Valentine's Day. But this Pack has everything you need! Cards, projects, discussion, history - not just a wonderful "special day" pack, but a great resource for PSHE in general!

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