The Valentine's Day Pack

Learn about Valentine’s Day in your classroom with our collection of teaching and activity resources. Includes a comprehension text, writing / drawing templates, crafts resources and more!

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In this Teaching Pack…

  • One ‘The History of Valentine’s Day’ Text – Learn about how Valentine’s day began and how it has been celebrated throughout history. This resource also includes two sets of differentiated comprehension questions.
  • Four ‘Love Is…’ Templates – What does the word ‘love’ mean to your children? Use these templates as drawing or writing activities around Valentine’s day.
  • Two ‘My Jar of Love’ Activities – What will your children draw inside their jar, to show who and what they love?
  • Three ‘The People I Love Are’ Templates – Writing and drawing templates that children can use to think about the people they love.
  • Two Love Acrostic Poem Templates – Use this template to help your children write an acrostic poem based on the word ‘Love’.
  • Eight Valentine’s Day Writing Templates – A variety of templates that your children can use for different kinds of writing on and around Valentine’s Day.
  • One Valentine’s Roll and Colour Game – A dice game for younger children. Who will be the first to roll every number from 2 to 12 and colour their hearts?
  • Four Valentine’s Day Card Templates – Templates that your children can use to make their own Valentine’s Day cards!
  • Five Heart Animal Craft Activities – Cut out the heart templates and use them to make a selection of cute animals!
  • One 10 Page Who Do We Love? Image Pack – A set of pictures that can be used on a display or as the starting point for discussions about the people and things that we love.
  • Twelve Valentine’s Colouring Pages – A collection of colouring pages, at different levels of complexity, to use on and around Valentine’s Day.

The Valentine's Day Pack


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The Valentine's Day Pack
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 1 reviews
by Rowan on The Valentine's Day Pack
A delightful selection of resources!

Mark and Helen have done a terrific job! Honestly, left to my own devices I would have had difficulty thinking up things for children to do to celebrate Valentine's Day. But this Pack has everything you need! Cards, projects, discussion, history - not just a wonderful "special day" pack, but a great resource for PSHE in general!