The Mother's Day Pack

Celebrate Mother’s Day with this pack of resources, which include a text to read, comprehension questions, craft resources, activity sheets, display materials and more.

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In this Teaching Pack…

  • One ‘What is Mother’s Day?’ Text – Learn about the history of Mother’s Day around the world and answer our related questions!
  • One ‘All About My Mum’ Sheet – A simple writing frame that a child can use to share information about their mum.
  • One ‘A Bunch of Flowers’ Activity – Think of words to describe your mum and then write them inside these attractive flowers!
  • Three ‘I Love My Mum Because…’ Sheets – Why do you love your mum? Share your thoughts on these writing templates.
  • One ‘My Mum’ Task – Draw a picture of your mum inside the frame and write words to describe her around the outside. We have also included a collection of words to use as inspiration.
  • Three ‘My Mum Is…’ Sheets – Use the adjectives provided to write sentences (or paragraphs) about your mum.
  • Three ‘My Mum’s Super Powers’ Templates – What super powers does your mum have? Share your ideas on these templates.
  • Eight ‘Things I Love Doing with my Mum’ Sheets – How do you enjoy spending time with your mum? Share your thoughts on these differentiated writing and drawing templates.
  • Two Mother Acrostic Poem Templates – Write a poem about your mother using this acrostic sheet.
  • One Flower Craft – Make a beautiful bunch of flowers for a special person using these printable templates.
  • Three Mother’s Day Card Templates – Decorate one of these cards and then send it to your mum using the envelope template!
  • Fifteen Mother’s Day Colouring Pages – A collection of pictures linked to this topic, that your children can decorate in different ways.
  • One Mother’s Day Word Search – Can you find the words associated with Mother’s Day in this word search?
  • Twelve ‘Quotes about Mothers’ Posters – A collection of quotes by people about their mums.
  • Eleven Pages of Mother’s Day Vocabulary Labels – Labels showing words (and images) that are often associated with mothers and Mother’s Day.
  • Three Display Banners – Bright and colourful banners to use on a display board when your children are celebrating Mother’s Day.

The Mother's Day Pack


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The Mother's Day Pack
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