The Knowledge Organisers Pack

Support your children’s knowledge and understanding of a wide range of subjects and topics with our collection of knowledge organisers! These handy resources can be used for reference and research during your lessons.

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In this Teaching Pack…

  • Thirty-Four Knowledge Organisers – Printable documents that include key information about different topics. These currently include:
    • English – Biography Writing, Instruction Writing, Newspaper Reports, Persuasive Writing, Poetry and Recount Writing.
    • Maths – Angles, Coordinates, Decimals, Fractions, Symmetry and Time.
    • Science – Electricity, Human Body, Life Cycles, Plants, Space and the Water Cycle.
    • Geography – Rainforests, Rivers, Oceans, Volcanoes and Weather.
    • History – Ancient Greece, Ancient Maya, Egyptians, Great Fire of London, Leonardo da Vinci, Romans, The Stone Age, Titanic, Victorians, Vikings, World War 1 and World War 2.
  • The knowledge organisers feature important facts and reference information, labelled diagrams, glossaries, timelines and more!

Watch the video below to view samples of resources from the Knowledge Organisers Pack.


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The Knowledge Organisers Pack
Average rating:  
 11 reviews
 by June Barker

My six year old Granddaughter came home from school saying they had talked about the Titanic so, her mum put on the film for her to watch. She loved it and started asking questions about the story of how it was made to the sinking of the ship, including the ship that saved a lot of survivers. I saw by chance while going through your History and extras packs, that there was a pack on the Titanic.
Alice was over the moon and loved the pack and can't wait to take it to school with her to show her teacher how much she has learned about the Titanic. Your resource is priceless, and you made a six year old very happy. Thank you for another fantastic resource.

 by Michelle Noonan
Knowledge Organisers

Fantastic resource to use as part of a course or something to revise with. The are packed full of information that is engaging and easy to follow. I home Educate 3 children and I have printed these and keep them in a folder for us to use with up coming projects or for reference. Excellent!

 by June Barker
More amazing resources

Your Knowledge packs are worth their Weight in gold. There is so much excellent information in them to create Projects and teach topics that can be short. These are also easy to differentiate up or down to engage the most reluctant learner. Thank you so much for your Continuing hard work. You truly are a teacher's angel.

 by MIchelle
Very good resoure indeed

These knowledge organisers are spot on. Having recently been involved in a new style OFSTED these are just the sort of thing that will help strengthen your curriculum developments. As a school we use them to support the children with retrieval of facts and dates etc. I love that fact that they all include a timeline. My only suggestion would be to have 2 levels of reading difficulty so perhaps they could be shared across the Key Stages. The Stone Age one is perfect for Year 5 but I know of a school down the road where this topic is taught in Year 3 and perhaps the vocab may not be as accessible for your lower ability readers. Just an idea although I realise it would be a lot more work.

 by Cheryl
Knowledge Organizers

These are awesome resources. They are perfect exam review materials. They are colorfully eye catching and hold the students' interest. Thank you for your many excellent packs, they are a Godsend, if only for this teacher.

 by Rowan
Really useful!

A powerful set of resources!

 by Gilly Hickton
Valuable Resource

This is such a great set of resources! I can't wait for more to be added!

Thanks Gilly. We will be adding more to the pack soon!

 by Gill
Knowledge Organisers

Not had a chance to look at all of these yet, but the English K.O.s are absolutely spot on. Really useful to have so much information clearly set out for reference, alongside the example text. I look forward to as many more English Organisers as you'd care to provide! Thank you.

Thanks Gill! We're definitely keen to add more English knowledge organisers to this pack 🙂

 by Alba Pincay-Clauss
Just right!

Great organizers to review topics in class.

 by Lisa

Going to use these as homework so that children start themes with some knowledge and understanding and vocabulary.

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