The Anti-Bullying Pack

Download our anti-bullying resource pack and help your children to learn about different types of bullying, how to deal with bullying and how to help others. It includes a topic guide, activity resources, display materials and more!

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In this Teaching Pack…

  • One 6 Page Anti-Bullying Guide – A helpful introduction to the topic of bullying and what you can do if you are bullied, or if somebody you know is.
  • One Anti-Bullying Key Facts Presentation – A simpler version of our Anti-Bullying Guide for younger readers.
  • One ‘Bully or Buddy?’ Activity – Can your children sort these images into the correct places? Which pictures show the actions of a buddy and which ones show the actions of a bully?
  • Three ‘Friends and Bullies’ Tasks – Can your children think of vocabulary to describe friends and bullies? Record them all on these activity sheets.
  • One ‘Types of Bullying’ Activity – Can your children sort the example scenarios according to the type of bullying involved?
  • Twenty Bullying Discussion Cards – A collection of images and question prompts to encourage discussion about bullying.
  • One ‘Kind or Unkind?’ Task – Can your children sort these cards into kind and unkind actions?
  • One Kindness Bingo – How many of these acts of kindness have your children completed recently?
  • Three Kindness Bingo Templates – Challenge your children to make their own kindness bingo games with these blank templates.
  • Eight Bullying Writing Prompts – A selection of writing ideas based on this topic.
  • Five ‘Thoughts and Feelings’ Templates – Can your children describe the thoughts and feelings of these characters who are being bullied? How would they help them?
  • Five Thoughts and Feelings Diary Activities – Write diary entries for these children who are being bullied.
  • Twelve Bullying Scenario Cards – A set of bullying scenarios that your students can use for writing, drawing, drama and other activities!
  • Four ‘Anti-Bullying Pledge’ Sheets – Templates that your children can use to write their own pledge about bullying, with lots of ideas of things that could be included.
  • Two ‘Be a Hero’ Templates – Ask your children to think of ways to be an ‘Anti-Bullying Hero’ or a ‘Friendship Hero’ and write their responses on these posters.
  • Nine Pages of Bullying Vocabulary Labels – A set of helpful display labels with words, definitions and images linked to bullying.
  • Ten Anti-Bullying Posters – A collection of posters that you can display to encourage your children to think about bullying and how to deal with it.
  • Ten Anti-Bullying Quotes Posters – A set of inspirational quotes about bullying.
  • One Bullying Word Search – Can your children find words related to this topic in our word search?
  • Four Banners – Four banners to use on your anti-bullying display boards.

The Anti-Bullying Pack


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The Anti-Bullying Pack
Average rating:  
 1 reviews
 by Rowan
Very useful

Bullying is a very serious problem that often goes unremarked. The more we can talk to children about it, the better. There are some excellent resources here. I particularly like the discussion, story-writing and diary-writing resources to encourage empathy.
How about a resource for the children to compose some sort of anti-bullying charter - a "We will not stand for" activity? Or a pledge to act against bullying (safely) whenever they see it?

Thanks for your great review, Rowan. We have just added some 'Anti-Bullying Pledge' templates to this pack, based on your suggestion.

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