The Emotions Pack

Help your children to reflect on and express how they are feeling with our Emotions teaching resources! This pack includes a wide range of activities and display resources for use by children of all ages.

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In this Teaching Pack…

  • Ten ‘Emotions Diary’ Templates – A set of diary templates that your children can use to record how they are feeling each day.
  • One Emotions Vocabulary Mat – A handy mat that shows vocabulary linked to different types of emotions. Let your children use this as part of their writing to help them describe a character’s emotions.
  • Six Emotions Vocabulary Posters – A set of posters showing synonyms for different emotions. A fantastic reference resource for your children’s writing.
  • One Set of Emotions Vocabulary Cards – Can your children put these cards together to sort the emotion vocabulary into different groups?
  • Three Sets of Emotions Word Cards – A simple set of cards that show different words linked to this topic. Use them for sorting / grouping activities… or ask your children to choose a card at random and show that emotion on their faces!
  • One ‘Draw the Emotions’ Activity – Challenge your students to decorate each person’s face to show their emotions!
  • One ‘How Are They Feeling?’ Resource – Help your children to interpret people’s body language and facial expressions using these activity sheets.
  • Twelve ‘Emotions Picture Prompts’ – How are the children in these photos feeling? How could your children help them?
  • Five Emotions Script Starters – A set of simple scripts that children read and use as the starting point for discussions about emotions. Can they improvise what might happen next?
  • One ‘Emotion Wheel’ – A handy wheel that your children can use to indicate how they are feeling each day.
  • Three ‘Things That Make Me Feel…’ Resources – What makes you happy, sad, surprised or angry? Ask your children to share their ideas on the writing and drawing templates.
  • Three ‘When I Am…’ Templates – A simple activity that children can use to think about how to deal with different emotions.
  • Three ‘When My Friend Is…’ Sheets – Ask your children to think about how they can help friends who are feeling different emotions.
  • One Emotions Mat – A reference mat that children can use to think about their feelings throughout the day.
  • Four Sets of ‘Worry Wizards’ Resources – If your children have worries, the Worry Wizards can help! Use these display resources and printable ‘worry slips’ to encourage your children to write down their worries and post them into the cauldron.
  • Two ‘What do to if you’re feeling worried’ Resources – A poster (and an editable Word document) that can be used to discuss strategies to help children cope when they are feeling worried about something.
  • Two ‘What do to if you’re feeling angry’ Printables – Resources to help your children cope if they are feeling angry about something.
  • Two Emotions Word Searches – Can your children find all of the emotion vocabulary in these word searches?
  • Sixteen Playdough Mats – Can your children use playdough to show different emotions on these printable mats?
  • Two Sets of Bunting – Hang this decorative bunting in your learning environment when your children are learning about emotions!
  • Three Banners – A selection of display banners to add to the boards in your classroom.

The Emotions Pack


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The Emotions Pack
Average rating:  
 3 reviews
 by Debbie

A brilliant resource, especially as health and wellbeing will be a key focus as we support our children with the transition back into school life again. Many thanks

 by Gilly
Invaluable Resource

This is such a valuable set of materials to support an incredibly important area.

 by Margaret

Thank you so much for adding this pack. We are in our 3rd week of Distance Learning and this will be so beneficial to many of the children in my class. A great resource to reach out to them as they experience so many different emotions during lockdown. Thank you

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